At the Special General Meeting for members of the Upper Culm Community Land Trust Ltd held on 22 September 2012 a secret ballot was held to elect Directors, replacing the interim Directors who have been involved in the establishment of the Trust. The result is shown below.




A secret ballot was held. 22 members attended the Special General Meeting and there were also four Proxy Votes. The result of the election of Directors of the Upper Culm Community Land Trust Ltd was as follows:


Timothy Roy BARTON              24 votes

Royston BROOKE                    23 votes

Alistair Neil Glyn CARTER      23 votes

Simon John CLIST                  18 votes

Richard Mervyn KALLAWAY    23 votes

Lance William POVAH            22 votes

Heather Alice STALLARD       21 votes


The seven named above were duly appointed Directors of the Trust.


Neil Punnett

Company Secretray