Summary notes of the meeting of Upper Culm CLT Members held on 9th April 2013, including an update on progress, a report on the Gathering of CLTs held at Norton Sub Hamdon on 27th March and suggestions for future projects for the CLT to investigate.




for Special General Meeting Held on Tuesday 9th April 2013

 Hemyock Parish Hall 7.30 p.m.



Directors Attending:             Heather Stallard (Chair), Richard Kallaway (Vice Chair), Neil Carter (Finance Director), Roy Brooke


Members Attending:             Donald Attlee, Michael Gay, Bob Hawkes, Kathleen Jones, Jane Major, Steve Major, Ian McCulloch, Janet Mulliner, Laurence Mulliner, Ian Pike, Rebecca Pike, Bob Pike,  Jocelyn Pritchard, Neil Punnett (Company Secretary)

 Directors Apologies:    Tim Barton, Lance Povah

 Members Apologies:    Jacqueline McCulloch, Julie Steed 

 The following are summary notes of the meeting:

o   Small scale wind turbines

o   Solar power

o   Geothermal heating

o   Allotments

o   Retirement/sheltered housing project