I’m writing to you with some final details regarding the Tour of Britain Devon stage which will be travelling through Hemyock on Monday 3rd September and to ask for your assistance in ensuring its safe passage through the village.


Race timings and advance warning signs

The full route and estimated timings are available to view here - http://www.tourofbritain.co.uk/stages/stage-two/


This shows approx. timings of 


Advance warning signs on a-frame will be placed on the key approach roads to Hemyock from 20th August (2 weeks in advance of the race).

These will display – ‘Delays likely’ 10:45 to 12:15 and should help raise awareness of the event locally.


Clearways through Hemyock

To ensure the safe passage of the race it has been necessary to implement a clearway (no waiting or parking) as the race passes through Hemyock. The roads this will impact on are shown on the attached map in red. This covers;


The clearway will run from 09:30 until 12:30 with signage about the clearway going up at the same time as the advance warning signs 2 weeks in advance. Signs will be either mounted to lamp columns or posts or A-frames.


A tow truck will be running 2hrs ahead of the race to remove any vehicles that are parked illegally within the clearway.


We would very much value the support of any volunteers you are able to recruit on the day to help act as additional eyes and ears to politely inform people of the clearway and approaching race. This is particularly important on the narrow section as the road as it enters the centre of the village and the first section of Culmstock Road past the war memorial. Any support you can offer either informing residents in advance or on the day would be really helpful.


Kind regards


Devon Tour of Britain Project Manager