Longmead Field Meeting 10th June 2019

1. Welcome and Apologies:

Present: Ian McCulloch (Chair), Karen Pinder, Andy Brooke, Neil Thompson,

Tracy Leaman

Apologies: David Major

In attendance: Trish Slater, Alex Russell

2. Minutes of 4th March 2019 and matters arising: The minutes were agreed and

signed as a true record.

i) Boiler service - completed

ii) Alarm and fan - ongoing - Action IMC

iii) New keys will cost 12.50. The outside WC ongoing - Action IMC

iv) Slippery area on MUGA - area brushed - completed

v) Disable toilet and tiles - ongoing - Action IMC

3. Finance report: Following David Majors resignation and replacement Treasurer will

be required. Current account - 415.16, deposit account - 6029.26.

4. Pavilion and sports facilities: The mower is currently being repaired. It will soon be back in use. More people have been trained to use the mower. IMC thanked the

football club for cutting the grass.

The underfloor heating is not working properly.

Action - IMC to contact Chris Hearne The play area is currently being refurbished by Blackdown Buildings. IMC thanked Andy Brooke. The Parish Council are seeking quotes for the footbridge. Action - Parish Council

5. Longmead Environmental Area Project (LEAP): Paul Doble has cut the grass. 16

bird and bat boxes have been erected, Hemyock school is going to help build a bug

hotel. A compost bin is required. - Action NT offered to help, hopefully with assistance from the BMX track users

6. Any other business: TS requested the lock details for the storage facilities.

Date of next meeting: Monday 23rd September 2019