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Longmead Minutes

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Longmead Field Committee Meeting Minutes - Monday 13th January 2020 at 7.00pm

1.   Welcome and Apologies:

Present: Ian McCulloch (Chair), Karen Pinder, Andy Brooke, Tracy Leaman, Jerry Popham, Alex Russell (Hemyock Parish Council rep)

In attendance: Mark Couldrick, Peter Williams

Apologies: Trish Slater, Julie Steed

Men in Sheds – The chair requested the committee allow this item first, which all agreed.

Mark Couldrick and Peter Williams explained the Men in Sheds project the Blackdown Healthy Living Centre and Parish Council are working on.  The aim is to provide a venue, opening for 3 x ½ days, for men to socialise and work together, this would include ‘social prescribing’. The Parish Council have suggested using the grassy area between the resident service road and the MUGA at Longmead for the shed and ideally with a fenced area.  The project would require the use of a toilet and an electricity supply, which could come from Longmead supply. IMC said that the Mens Sheds working group would need to meet with Western Power to determine if the supply would be adequate. The committee approved of the project.  

2.  Minutes and Matters Arising 

The minutes of the 23rd September 2019 were agreed and signed as a true record.  Proposed KP, seconded AB. (Jerry Popham said the minutes had not referred to Susie Besant’s comments from the Tennis Club at the last meeting. 

IMC said that SB said a letter was to be sent from the Tennis Club about the items, so LMG had deferred inclusion until the letter had been received. No letter had been sent to date.)

Matters Arising:-

i)  Fire alarm - ongoing - Action IMC to contact Coomber Security Fan – Chris Hearne to install fan –          waiting for electrician

ii) Disabled toilet and tiles - ongoing - Action IMC

iii) Underfloor heating - ongoing - Action  IMC

iv) Tennis Club issues, letter to be written to Longmead - Action HTC 

v) Tennis Club key safe - completed.

vi) Football club- posts and nets - completed.

vii) Kate Amor has started cleaning, timesheets are being completed andan excellent job carried out

3  Finance

Current account - £640.79,  Deposit account - £ 6035.31 Report attached.  HTC offered to pay their subs annually on 1st October.  Dunkeswell Football Club may owe for pitch use before Christmas.  The advert for a Treasurer will be put on the Hemyock Neighbours website. Action -TL

4  Pavilion and Sports Facilities

Changing room tiles.  AR suggested asking Peter Judd to undertake the work.  IMC confirmed the pitch is in good condition despite the rainfall.  AR said the Parish Council is trying to ban dogs from the pitches, allowing them on the fields only. HTC asked about the possibility of installing security cameras as bicycles have been used inside the court. JP to research and advise Longmead Management Group.  Action JP - HTC  HTC is concerned about the muddy paths and asked if they could be gravelled.  Action HTC to write to PC, IMC to email PC.  JP asked if the grass between the MUGA and pavillion could be kept shorter, IMC said ideally, yes, but depended on time constraints and his availability.  Target to keep docks under control as well. Action IMC

5  Longmead Environmental Area Project (LEAP)

TS submitted a report in her absence (below).  TS also asked if she could be made a full committee member - Proposed KP, seconded IMC.  The committee discussed the report and agreed that the pond needs to be dug out before things start growing again.

6  Any Other Business - None.

7  Date of Next Meeting - Monday 9th March 2020 at 7pm.



Work has continued at Longmead through the Autumn and Winter and we are looking forward to the Spring to see who will move into the ‘des res’ bird and bat boxes, when the breeding season begins in early March.

We had a successful bulb-planting weekend in mid-October and volunteers planted daffodils next to the bridges, by the seats and the raised bed. Left over bulbs ( we had generous donations!) were planted by the path next to St Margaret’s Brook between the castle and the church. There is now a raised bed next to the path thanks to excellent remodelling of an old picnic bench and waste wood by Nick and Mark. It will be planted up with herbs and flowers for foraging.

We also welcomed Riley Evans who is doing his bronze Duke of Edinburgh volunteering with us – and a great practical help he is too. Although the forecast is horrendous, Greenday’s will be with us tomorrow to do some general tidying and start a large compost store.

I have obtained two quotes to dig out a third of the pond and am in the process of seeking another. The quotes are based on the same contractor repeating the work over the next two years and thus the pond will be rid of the vast amount of the reed mace and the water levels should be higher in the Summer. Much better for the local wildlife.