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Longmead Meeting Minutes

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Longmead Field



Committee Meeting Minutes - Monday 9th March 2020 at 7.00pm

1) Welcome and Apologies: 

Present: Ian McCulloch (Chair),  Karen Pinder, Andy Brooke,  Tracy Leaman,  Jerry Popham, Trish Slater

Apologies: None

2) Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the 13th January 2020 were agreed and signed as a true record.  

TS confirmed the Men in Sheds projects has provided the PC with two building designs to consider.  The PC has asked Men in Sheds which other local villages will be involved.

i) Fire alarm - ongoing - Action IMC to contact Coomber Security

ii) Changing room tiles - ongoing - IMC to ask Alex Russell if he has approached Peter Judd

iii) Underfloor heating - ongoing - Action IMC

iv) Tennis Club issues - Meeting held with Tennis Club - Minutes attached

3) Finance: 

Clare Bruton-Young replied to TL’s advert, on the Nextdoor Hemyock website, for a Treasurer.   Following a meeting with IMC on 26th February, CBY confirmed she would be keen to join the committee.  KP proposed CBY for the post of Treasurer AB seconded, unanimously agreed.  IMC will continue dealing with the accounts until the end of the financial year.  CBY will then take over.  IMC to liaise with CBY

Financial report - Current account - £1136.06, deposit account - £6035.311.

4) Pavilion and sports facilities

IMC and TL met with some of Hemyock Tennis Club committee to discuss the issues in the letter sent to Longmead Management Group.  Both committees are now more aware of how the other operates.  Full meeting minutes forwarded to both committees.  IMC suggested LMG provide a kettle, fridge and table dolly for the small meeting/treatment room at a cost of approximately £300.  Proposed KP,  seconded TS. All in favour. TS asked if Greendays group could use the facilities if required.  The use of the small meeting room would be available for Greendays, when necessary.

5) Longmead Environmental Area Project (LEAP)

TS confirmed two visits from Greendays are scheduled.  Following the bulb planting sessions the flowers are starting to show.  The compost bin and raised bed have been completed and a picnic table and 2 seater bench will be sited.  Birds have been showing an interest in the bird boxes.  Three quotes have been obtained for pond clearance, later in the year and a grant is being sought from ANOB for clearing ½ of the pond, laying the hedge along the west boundary,  planting berry rich shrubs and information/interpretation boards 

6) Any other business 

The  copy of the Planning Application received for 29 Station Road was passed around the committee present, for information.

Date of next meeting  - Monday 8th June 2020:  19.00:- AGM followed by Committee meeting.