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Longmead Management Group Minutes

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Longmead Field

Committee Meeting

Monday 8th June 2020 following the AGM


Due to Covid -19, Tracy Leaman had arranged the meeting to be held online, via Zoom.

Present: Ian McCulloch (Chair), Karen Pinder, Andy Brooke, Trish Slater, Tracy Leaman, Sean Richie

1) Apologies for absence: None

2) Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of 9th March 2020 were agreed and signed as a true record. Proposed KP, seconded TS.

i) Fire alarm - ongoing - Action IMC to contact Coomber Security

ii) Changing room tiles - ongoing - IMC to ask Alex Russell if he has approached Peter Judd

iii) Underfloor heating - ongoing - Action IMC

iv) Tennis Club issues - Table dolly purchased, AB confirmed he had a suitable fridge which he could PAT test. Kettle to be purchased. Action IMC

3) Finance:

ICM gave the finance report

4) Pavilion and sports facilities:

KP asked if anyone is entering the pavilion as it is currently being deep cleaned. IMC to email Bob Hawkes. Action IMC

5) Longmead environmental area project (LEAP):

TS confirmed a grant application has been submitted for 2000, to clear of the pond. A grant of 250 from the Blackdown Transition Group will be used to make raised beds. RS suggested using the old play equipment wood for the beds. TS asked AB if Blackdown Buildings could assist. TS asked if pathways could be cut in the grass. Action TS to liaise with SR and AB re raised beds. IMC to contact George Sellick re mowing.

6) Any other business:

Men in Sheds project - SR confirmed the project is ongoing.

IMC to investigate selling the old mower. The money raised will then be used to maintain the current mower. Action IMC to discuss with AB

Request received to use a bouncy castle on the area behind the Spar for a private birthday party. The committee would not like to be seen encouraging a party at this time of social distancing due to the Coronavirus. Action TL to reply.

SR updated the committee regarding the Parish Councils plans to update the bridge, trim trail and play area. The PC is concerned about dogs fouling the football pitches and the effect this could have regarding the Football Foundations funding agreement with the PC. Ideas currently being considered by the PC include - erecting a metal fence around the pitch, the use of security cameras, and more signage. TS suggested signage designed by children may be more effective.

When the PC was seeking ideas for the new development site a skateboard park proved popular. The committee discussed where it might be positioned at Longmead. The PC also suggested extending the pavilion to hold a cafe, it could be run by an independent company, which may increase revenue for LMG. Further investigations are needed to move the projects forward. Action Parish Council

Date of next meeting: Monday 7th September 2020