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Longmead Management Group

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Longmead Field



Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday 7th September 2020 at 7.00pm

Due to Covid - 19 Tracy Leaman arranged for the meeting to be held online, via Zoom.

Present: Ian McCulloch (Chair), Karen Pinder, Andy Brooke, Trish Slater, Sean Richie, Alex Russell,† Sam Iddon, Tracy Leaman

1) Apologies for absence: None

2) Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:††

The minutes of the 8th June 2020 were agreed and signed as a true record,† Proposed KP, seconded AR.

i)† Fire alarm contract arranged with Coomber Security. £95.00 + VAT per annum,†this includes two visits to the site.

ii) Changing room tiles - ongoing - Action AR

iii) Underfloor heating - Not a problem during the summer months

iv) Tennis club issues - Completed - Thanks to AB for providing a kettle and fridge.

3) Finance: Report:††

Current account - £581.08, savings account - £5241.41.† Mypremcoach is hiring the pavilion again.† Football teams from outside of the village have also paid to use the pitch on three occasions bringing in £180.00.† IMC has applied for relief funding from MDDC due to the lack of income, because of current conditions.

4) Pavilion and sports facilities:

Football training recommenced in August, the season starts on 19th September.† A one way system has been implemented in the pavilion direction and distance signs will be erected.† The tennis officials room is now the designated Covid room, should anyone take ill at the site.† IMC confirmed all ACRE guidelines need to be adhered to comply with the insurance policy.† Kate Amor is providing additional cleaning as necessary.† IMC will continue to liaise with KA regarding the cleaning of the pavilion.† The footballers will replenish the hand sanitiser at the end of each football session.† SR and IMC will meet to discuss the Trim trail on 10th September.† The goalmouths will have to be reviewed at the end of the season, May 2021 re-seeding may be necessary.† Wellington Panthers would like to play on Sundays paying £50 per game, increasing to £60 when the showers can be used again.† SI and IMC would remind the players to use the rubbish bins provided.††

5) Longmead Environmental Action Project (LEAP):

TS thanked AB for providing the timber for the raised beds and SR for the soil delivery.† TS had contacted Donna Evans requesting small paths of grass are cut, providing more areas for wildlife.† IMC to speak with† Mypremcoach and the Tennis club to enable Greendays to access the pavilion when they help at the site.† Action IMC.† The committee discussing holding a plant/seed swap during October or next Spring.† IMC thanked TS for all her effort in moving the project forward.

6) Any other business:

AB will arrange for Ian Aldworth to† spread fertilizer and† a suitable weed control on the site at a cost of £100.00 . Longmead will pay and the football club will arrange the advertising board.† The weeds penetrating the MUGA surface will also be treated.† Action AB.††

SI requested a rubbish bin near the dugouts, which the football club will empty.† IMC to liaise with DE

TL will add an advertisement to the Hemyock neighbours site, seeking a Treasurer.† Action TL

Thanks to TL for accessing Zoom for the meeting.

Date of next meeting: Monday 11th January 2021 at 7pm.