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Unique Footpath to Go?

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General News
There has been a raised footpath near the Culm River at Hemyock for more years than people can recall.  It has meant dry feet for many when the river flooded and its features have been a unique welcome on the road into the village from Wellington.

Copper to Judge Christmas Lights

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Parish Council The Christmas lights are going up outside several homes and business premises in Hemyock as the annual competition run by the Parish Council gets under way. 

From Revd Sherwood - December 07

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St Mary's Church In the spring of this year, the Rectory received a new resident - a Springer Spaniel puppy called Coco. He was born on Easter Day, is now seven months old and keeping us all on our toes. He's a delightful character and a good companion to whoever he happens to with at any given time. But of course, like any dog, he can be hard work and expensive - what with vets fees and a splendid appetite - and there are moments when the full reality of his reliance upon us hits home. Fortunately, I have kept dogs before and am fully aware of the tremendous commitment we undertake when buying one. Sadly, not everyone thinks this through and they fail to hear the RSPCA's warning that 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.'

Around Hemyock

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General News

The village and surrounding area has been shocked with the recent tragic deaths of Terry Frost and teenager Laura Persey and through the Pump we send love and condolences to their families and friends. Laura is the third young person connected to the Culm Valley Young Farmers Club to die in recent years through exceptionally sad circumstances and our thoughts are with members of the club.

Grand Opening

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Longmead Field

Official opening of the Longmead Field a great success

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal

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General News
The Shoebox appeal organised by the charity Samaritans Purse which delivers Christmas gifts to disadvantaged children throughout the world is now in full swing and a number of boxes have already been delivered to the home of local organiser Janice Bawler of Hemyock along with a number of hand knitted hats and glove puppets.

Launch of Hemyock Emergency Plan (HEP)

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Parish Council Parish Councils in Devon are encouraged by County and District Councils to write simple self help emergency plans to enable a parish to respond in the event of a universal threat occurring where overstretched blue light services are unable to attend immediately.   The aim of the recently launched Hemyock Emergency Plan (HEP) is to show how the parish council can contribute to the recovery from an emergency.  This can be nothing more than an outline idea given local resources, training and preparedness for every type of potential emergency.  However the HEP Team led by Councillor Steven Reed carried out an assessment and considered that the key threat to the village was prolonged poor weather (heavy snow and/or flooding) with a loss of electrical power.

Parish Council News

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Parish Council
On Police presence, the village going ECO, opening of the Longmead Pavilion and cheaper burials.