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Around Hemyock - August 2007

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General News Oh dear, what a dismal summer we are having but whilst some events have been badly affected by rain we have been quite fortunate here. One lucky couple who really had a gloriously sunny day for their wedding were Sarah Bourne and Trevor Jackson. Their Ugandan theme day was a delight and we wish them and their family all happiness as they move to Dorset where Trevor will begin training for church ministry. We also say a fond farewell to the Morgan family returning to Australia where Dan will be taking up a teaching position at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music in Sydney and to Gill and Ian Richardson who with their 3 children have bought a shop near Lot, France.

Yoga In The Evening At Hemyock

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General News Do you want to join a yoga class, but do not want to travel long distances, especially on cold, dark evenings? Why not join us at Hemyock Primary School?

The autumn term will commence in early October following the summer break and will run from 7.30 pm until 9.00 pm.

New Bibles

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St Mary's Church Just as this edition of The Pump comes out we will be taking delivery of new Bibles for St Mary's. Many of these have been donated by people in the parish and we would like to say thank you to them for their generosity. The Bibles are in the New Revised Standard Version, and are an edition published in conjunction with Christian Aid. So a good cause has been helped, as well as helping the congregation follow the readings and talks in our services. Why not come and try one!

New Faces

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St Mary's Church No not the TV programme! Following the Annual Church meeting and subsequent Church Council meeting, we have some new people as points of contact for St Mary's and Culm Davy.

Devon Historic Churches Trust

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St Mary's Church The DHCT are having their annual "Ride, Stride or Bike Day" on Saturday September 8th. On this day many of the churches in the county will be open and people are encouraged to visit as many as possible, and get some sponsorship for doing it. 50% of any money raised goes to DHCT, the other does to which ever church you decide to nominate. So you could cycle round all the Dartmoor churches and raise money for Culm Davy!

Everyone Back To My Place

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St Mary's Church In 2004 the Manchester Diocese chose the last Sunday in September as a special day, on which they invited back to church people who had lost their link with a church. Nearly 1000 people responded to the invitation, and the next year the idea spread to neighbouring dioceses.

Hemyock Church Rooms

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General News St Mary's Church Rooms can be hired for parties or regular bookings.

Private Functions only £8.00 per hour
Regular Bookings £5.50 per hour

Church Library

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St Mary's Church Thank you to all the people who have recently offered books for the Parish Church Library. We've go some interesting new titles in stock to offer some thought provoking reading. You'll find the library at the back of the church (near the font and by the Children's Corner). The library is free and open to anyone.

St Mary's Guild - August & September 07

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St Mary's Church Members and friends of St Mary's Guild left Hemyock at 9:30 Wednesday June 6th for their outing. The venue this year was Crediton Parish Church for their floral tribute to 100 years of broadcasting.

We stopped at Bickleigh Mill for morning coffee, the resident peacock at the mill turned out to be the star attraction. He seemed to know he was being photographed and boy, did he preen and strut his stuff.

From Revd Sherwood - August & September 07

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St Mary's Church On the 15th of July, we had a Parade Service at St. Mary's in Hemyock to celebrate the centenary of the Scout Movement. During the service, the scouts read some short poems about different aspect of life, and one of them was called 'Rest' by P Clifton.