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Campaign To Find Lost Bulldogs

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General News Singer Joss Stone is supporting a campaign to find three valuable bulldog puppies which were stolen in a raid at her breeder friend's Hemyock home.  Dog-nappers stole the puppies, which were worth several thousand pounds, after breaking into owner Jackie van Meeuwen's home while she was asleep upstairs.

Couple End 40-Year Fundraising Mission For Children's Charity

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General News After more than 40 years of fundraising, a Hemyock couple have decided it is time to take a break.  Brian and Margaret Wheaton have raised £22,058 for the Cullompton and Exeter-based charity Vranch House, which provides physiotherapy for children with significant physical difficulties.

Around Hemyock

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General News Whilst for most of us the Christmas period is a time for joyful celebration with family and friends there have been those saddened by the loss of a loved one. We send love and condolences to the families of Pat Salter, Charles Gilchrist-Fisher, Cyril Vaughan, Peter Cruwys, Margaret Elworthy and Lilian Fenson and all who have been saddened over past weeks.

Thank You - 40 Commando Royal Marines Christmas Cards & Gifts

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General News I write to thank everyone who so generously donated money and gifts to be sent to the marines of 40 Commando serving in Afganistan. The Royal Marines Association Gibraltar Club of Mid Devon has been the central collection and distribution centre for this operation and we would like you to know how things are going.

Market Brunch

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General News Why not come along to our Market Brunch at Hemyock Market on Saturday 16th February & 15th March from 10.00 until 11.45

From Councillor Ray Radford

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General News Christmas has gone and now we are in a new year, hope you all enjoyed yourselves. We are now settling into the new Executive Structure at MDDC from last Nov, it will take time to settle down, we are all on a learning curve. The main difference is that Officers make the recommendations and the Executive make the decisions, in the place of committees. There are four Policy Groups who put MDDC's policies together and a Scrutiny Group who oversees everything, every Member is involved with the running of the Council in one way or another. But primary each Member is responsible in seeing that everyone in his Ward is being represented. If there is something that you want me to do for you, don`t hesitate to contact me for any help, that is what you elected me for.

Award For Poultry Man

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General News A Hemyock man has received a national award at the House of Commons in recognition of his role in the UK poultry industry.  

Flooding in Hemyock

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General News The recent rains caused the River Culm to rise to levels not seen for 15 years, according to local residents.  Both the Culmbridge Road and Station Road were flooded enough to make driving them a risky business.  The water at Whitehall was level with the humps of the two small bridges there. 

On Station Road and Culmbridge Road, many cars turned back, some tried it and made it and some tried it and flooded their engines.   Local Good Samaritan Roy Brook said he had towed 4 vehicles out so far from the Culmbridge Road.  See the photos in Read More...

Unique Footpath to Go?

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General News
There has been a raised footpath near the Culm River at Hemyock for more years than people can recall.  It has meant dry feet for many when the river flooded and its features have been a unique welcome on the road into the village from Wellington.