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Hemyock Church Rooms

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St Mary's Church St Mary's Church Rooms can be hired for parties or regular bookings.  If interested please contact Janice Bawler 01823 680352.

From Revd David Sherwood - April 08

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St Mary's Church We now stand on the threshold of spring, the season of renewal. I'm sure that all of us will enjoy the longer days, the opportunity to get back outside and nurture our gardens back to new life. Not that they need our help, they are quite capable of doing it all on their own! But, we have our own ideas about how they should look and will hack, prod, dig, mow and generally bully them into submission - because we are the ones in control and want it done our way.

Palm Sunday at St Mary's

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St Mary's Church Palm Sunday, 16th March, will see the choir of the parish church of St Mary's, Hemyock lead the traditional procession from the Parish Hall to the Church for the morning service. They will leave the hall at 10.45am. All welcome

Janice Bawler

Proposed Changes To St Mary's Church

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St Mary's Church Villagers in Hemyock are being invited to a meeting at 10.30am on Saturday 8th March at the Parish Church to hear about possible alterations within the building that are being considered by St Mary's Parochial Church Council.

A number of suggestions have been put forward and these plans are on display at the back of the church along with an explanatory leaflet.

What Is The Evening With Bishop Bob All About?

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St Mary's Church It is for you and everyone else in the Cullompton Deanery Bishop Bob will give some short and inspiring talks. Canon Mark Rylands, Diocesan Missioner will chair. Andrew Maries will lead the music.

St Mary's Guild - February 08

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St Mary's Church On Wednesday December 5, members of St Mary’s Guild met for their monthly meeting in the Church Rooms.

Christine Brown welcomed members before introducing speakers Malcolm and Mary Beal who entertained us with some tales and anecdotes about their life since Malcolm's ordination in the 1960s. Malcolm started his ministry in Keynsham before moving on to Speak in Liverpool. After which he and Mary with two little boys, David and Andrew found themselves moving again - to Uganda.  Whilst living in Uganda Sarah was born.

Lent Lunches

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St Mary's Church Frugal lunches of home made soups, bread & cheese will take place on Wednesdays during Lent in the Church Rooms.  Starting Ash Wednesday 6th February, from 12 noon.  All are welcome.

From Revd David Sherwood - February 08

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St Mary's Church Christmas is over and a New Year begins, A New Year full of opportunity and expectation which has been rather blunted by various bodies warning of an impending credit squeeze and a fall in the economy. All of us face rising energy charges, from fuel for our cars to the electricity that powers our homes. In addition, there are the hidden charges that will be added to the price of goods in our shops and will eventually find their way into our wallets and purses.

Church Christmas Bazaar

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St Mary's Church Once again St Mary's Church, Hemyock along with Culm Davy chapel have held a highly successful Christmas Fair raising over £1,100 for the church and a further £600 plus for the chapel.

From Revd Sherwood - December 07

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St Mary's Church In the spring of this year, the Rectory received a new resident - a Springer Spaniel puppy called Coco. He was born on Easter Day, is now seven months old and keeping us all on our toes. He's a delightful character and a good companion to whoever he happens to with at any given time. But of course, like any dog, he can be hard work and expensive - what with vets fees and a splendid appetite - and there are moments when the full reality of his reliance upon us hits home. Fortunately, I have kept dogs before and am fully aware of the tremendous commitment we undertake when buying one. Sadly, not everyone thinks this through and they fail to hear the RSPCA's warning that 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.'