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St Mary’s Summer Fayre

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St Mary's Church It's Music all the Way at St Mary's Summer Fayre so book the date now It's Saturday July 3rd at 11am - 4pm. Lots more details later, but any enquiries re stalls etc to David Bawler (01823 680352)

Thank You

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St Mary's Church For around 23 years John Bimson has lovingly cared for the churchyard of St Mary's Church, Hemyock. To mark his retirement a painting of his house by Brian Doble was presented by Deputy Warden David Bawler at a recent service. Speaking on behalf of the church Mrs Mary Beal, Warden, thanked John for his voluntary dedication and hard work, particularly as he is a member of another church.

Can you help our Church in 2010?

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St Mary's Church St Mary`s Church is for everyone in Hemyock. It is always there for the big events of life like weddings and funerals and also for quiet thought and contemplation. It is there as a landmark and symbol for the village.  But although it`s there for everyone, not many contribute to its costs and we are asking if you can help put that right.

The Election Date is Fixed

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St Mary's Church It's Monday April 19th.

No not that election but the ones at the St Mary's Church's Annual Meeting.

St Mary’s Guild - Last Meeting

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St Mary's Church It is with regret that on December 7th 2009 St Marys Guild held its last meeting in the Church Room. The rector David Sherwood led a quietly moving service, and Joan Lawrence played the Guild hymn.

Val White gave a broad ranging history of the group from its first days as the Mothers' Union through its change to St Marys Guild.

From Rev David Sherwood

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St Mary's Church As I write, the death toll in the Haiti earthquake has risen to two hundred thousand and is still climbing. Like you, I am shocked by the devastation of this natural disaster and stunned by the misery and chaos being heaped upon a nation already burdened by poverty and depravation.

Like you, I find myself wanting answers to why this has happened and why God would be willing to allow the people of one of the poorest nations on earth to suffer in this way. As I listen for those answers, I hear some saying that this simply proves that God doesn't exist. And I hear those at the other end of the spectrum stating that we are living in the 'end times' and quoting carefully selected verses from apocalyptic scripture to support their argument.

From Rev David Sherwood

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St Mary's Church "…all I want for Christmas, is you!"
      No, that's not right.
"Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way…"
      Nope, that's not it either.
"So here it is merry Christmas, everybody's having fun…"
     No! This just isn't working!

Sorry about this. It's the middle of November and as I sit down to write this, I'm trying to get into the Christmas mood but all I have running around the inside of my head are Christmas songs from television adverts! And I suppose that's because there are two types of Christmas, the commercial and the spiritual.

Celebratory Bells

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St Mary's Church The Hemyock ringers are having an anniversary year! With two members celebrating Golden Weddings earlier in the year, they now have a Silver Wedding Anniversary to ring for.

Something Different

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St Mary's Church One of the things that the Emmaus group has been looking at is the idea of different forms of worship. They are currently looking at a presentation to mark Epiphany, but before then are planning a service in the spirit of Taize.

St Mary's Guild

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St Mary's Church The Guild held two coffee mornings. One on August 4th at 37 Castle Park and on September 1st at 34 Castle Park.