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Hemyock Church Rooms

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St Mary's Church Don't Forget - St Mary's Church rooms can be hired for parties or regular bookings.

From Revd David Sherwood June 2009

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St Mary's Church On the 27th of June, the Diocese of Exeter will celebrate its 1100th Anniversary. Originally, the area now covered by the Diocese's of Exeter and Bath & Wells, was the Diocese of Sherbourne. But by the early 900's Christianity had spread so far into the West Country that two new diocese had to be formed.

Bishop Bob in St Mary's, Hemyock

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St Mary's Church As part of the Exeter Diocese 1100 anniversary celebrations, the Cullompton Deanery has held a service of Confirmation which was attended by a large congregation. Held at the parish church of St Mary's, Hemyock on Sunday evening (24th May) the service saw 10 candidates being confirmed by the Rt Revd Robert (Bob) Evens, Bishop of Crediton.

St Mary's Guild - April 09

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St Mary's Church We started the New Year with a meal at the Catherine Wheel, enjoyed by all. In February we were all enthralled and amused by Irene and Geoffrey Dearsley telling us about "Nigeria then and now." In March we were entertained by Hazel Partridge who told us about "A Year in Spain." This was accompanied by beautiful slides as well as bangs in the kitchen (a new window was being fitted). We rounded off the afternoon with delicious sweetmeats and nuts.

Annual Vestry and Church Meeting

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St Mary's Church It's that time of year again! - The time for our annual Vestry and Church Meetings.  These will take place on April 20th in the Church room starting at 7.30pm.

The Vestry meeting elects the Churchwardens and is open to everyone in the parish. Voting at the Annual Church meeting, for Church Council members amongst others, is for those on the Church Electoral Roll.

Summer Fete 2009

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St Mary's Church The church fete will be held this year on Saturday 4th July, 11am to 4pm on the Parish Hall Recreation Field.

Many stalls including hot food, teas, refreshments, entertainment and much more entertainment. Fun for all the family. If any organisation would like a stall please contact Patricia Fuller 01823 680352. Look out for further details in the next pump and around the village.

Have you been Confirmed?

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St Mary's Church There will be a service of Confirmation at St. Mary's Church Hemyock, presided over by the Bishop of Crediton, on the evening of Sunday 24th of May. The service is about 'confirming' our Baptism promises or those made on our behalf when we were infants.

From Revd David Sherwood - April 09

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St Mary's Church A few months ago the British Humanist Society paid for an advertising campaign on the side of the nation's buses which read 'There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life'. I was in two minds when I heard about this. On the one hand, I was concerned about the effect this would have on young minds who have had little opportunity to explore their own understanding of God. Religion is taught in schools (by law) but young people are rarely given the chance to explore faith in any real depth, thus denying them the opportunity to make an informed decision. In their confusion, they are likely to follow the crowd or to accept what seems to be the easy option. And of course, declaring a faith God is far from easy in today's society.

Palm Sunday Service

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St Mary's Church The congregation of St Mary’s, Hemyock were joined by members of the local Baptist Chapel for the annual village Palm Sunday service held at the parish church. Prior to the service a large number walked through the village from the hall to the church led by Rev David Sherwood. Singing along the route was accompanied by Ron White and Nigel Atkinson on accordions.


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St Mary's Church It always amazes me the number of different Good causes/charities that are supported in Hemyock. If it were possible to keep track of all of them and add up the total money sent we might all get big headed or complacent so perhaps the Bible has it right that we should not let our right hand know what the left is doing, it also says that we will always have the poor with us.