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Longmead Sports & Fun Day

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Longmead Field

Sunday 22nd August from 2.30pm
An afternoon of fun activities for all ages, including: basketball, boules, football, tennis, walk& talk, yoga.


Longmead Management Group Need You

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Longmead Field The Longmead Management Group (LMG) is responsible for developing and maintaining the Longmead sports and leisure facilities.

Photos of Longmead during development

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Longmead Field A series of photos taken by Jack Pursell and others during the development of the Longmead sports field has been added to the website.  They make a fascinating historical record of progress so far, and illustrate the huge amount of work undertaken.  View Slideshow

Dogs Halt Football

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Longmead Field A recent football match was halted by the referee until dog mess was removed from the pitch.

The Longmead Sports complex is proving a great success particularly for dog lovers, but their presence is proving a nuisance to sports people and a potential heath risk.

Grand Opening

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Longmead Field

Official opening of the Longmead Field a great success

Summary Of The Longmead Field Meeting Held 14th April 2007

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Longmead Field Play area A sign stipulating ‘do’s and don’ts’ was needed before the playground could be opened. This should be ready in about two weeks time. ROSPA required that the play area be monitored for damage and hazards to children.
Trim trail The lottery fund bid had failed. It was agreed that, given the number of failed bids for the trim trail, the best way forward now was to do-it-ourselves with community involvement. Two promises of £1000 towards the bridge over the stream have been received.

It was agreed that a boule pit should be included as requested by the twinning club and that a path should be kept clear on the far side of the stream.