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Hemyock is Village of the Year

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Parish Council Hemyock has fought off competition from around the county to be declared  Devon Calor ‘Village of the Year’ award for 2009 and will now progress to the regional finals which will take place on 6th October.


In making their decision, the judges highlighted the vibrant life of the village and the many associations and activities which were on offer to all ages.   Of particular interest to the judges were the sports facilities and clubs, which had a genuine focus on providing for both young and old.  The report stated that “there is definitely something for everyone and more”

Hemyock Land Owners

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Parish Council There is a keen interested in providing Allotments in Hemyock as evidenced by the recent village Survey. What we lack is land close to the village which can be used for Allotments. The Parish Council is seeking to lease land for this purpose on a long term basis - one to one and a half acres within a two mile radius of hemyock. If you have suitable land available, please contact the Parish Clerk, Anne Kingston on 680918.

More Noticeboards for Hemyock

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Parish Council Hemyock is a thriving community with a large number of events, all of which need to be promoted.  This web site and the village noticeboard are two of the means of advertising.  However the single noticboard is proving too small and it is thought that a further one or two noticeboards in the village would be helpful.  The Parish Council together with the Parish Hall Committee and Longmead Sports Committee are considering the siting of public noticboards at the entrance to Longmead and in the Millhayes Hall area and the enlargement the exiting board at the Parish Hall.  The increase in capacity will reduce the unsightly posting of notices on telgraph poles it is hoped. 

Footpaths, Bridleways and Byways

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Parish Council Devon County Council are reviewing the Definitive Map & Statement for Hemyock and are seeking proposals from organisations and individuals about footpaths,
bridleways and byways.

News from the Parish Council

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Parish Council

Frank Rosamond the recently elected Chair of MDDC made Hemyock his first visit to a Parish Council on Wednesday evening where he was congratulated by Heather Stallard and her team. 

The BMX track beside the Culm River by Millhayes Farm has been transformed by grass cutting and litter picking.  Young people who use it are being asked to give the site a name.  The Council want to remind Dog owners not to the use BMX track for walking their animals.

Work is in progress to complete the construction of a new raised walkway leading from the Culm river into the village.  Outline plans were seen by Councillors.

Just A Thought!

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Parish Council Mindful of the current financial climate, The Parish Council has been considering sites which might be used for Allotments. One such area was the ground to the rear of the garages at Millhayes.

Footpaths, Bridleways and Byways the Definitive Map for Hemyock.

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Parish Council Devon County Council are reviewing the Definitive Map & Statement for Hemyock and are seeking proposals from organisations and individuals about footpaths, bridleways and byways. Changes and amendments to the map will be considered where plausible and backed up by sufficient data. Please contact our Parish Clerk, Anne Kingston on 680918.

At Last - We have a Police Person!

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Parish Council After a two year wait, Police Woman Victoria Underhill is the new Beat Manager for the Upper Culm area including Hemyock. She introduced herself at a recent parish Council meeting when delivering the up-to-date crime figures which continue to be on the low side - which is encouraging. Vicki was warmly welcomed by Heather Stallard Chair of HPC. But our excitement may be premature!

Parish Meeting

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Parish Council Come and find out what is happening in and around the village - current plans and recent achievents.  Ask your questions and listen to interesting speakers.  Thursday 30th April at Hemyock Parish Hall 7.00pm.  Cheese and wine event.