Welcome to Hemyock Monday, May 20 2019 @ 08:08 pm BST

Hemyock Seeks The Advantages

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Parish Council The Boundary Committee for England is carrying out a structural review of Devon on behalf of national government.

Council Is Energised

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Parish Council The annual Parish meeting on 1st May at the Hemyock Parish Hall is the place to get up-to-date with what is happening in this vibrant rural community.

Copper to Judge Christmas Lights

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Parish Council The Christmas lights are going up outside several homes and business premises in Hemyock as the annual competition run by the Parish Council gets under way. 

Launch of Hemyock Emergency Plan (HEP)

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Parish Council Parish Councils in Devon are encouraged by County and District Councils to write simple self help emergency plans to enable a parish to respond in the event of a universal threat occurring where overstretched blue light services are unable to attend immediately.   The aim of the recently launched Hemyock Emergency Plan (HEP) is to show how the parish council can contribute to the recovery from an emergency.  This can be nothing more than an outline idea given local resources, training and preparedness for every type of potential emergency.  However the HEP Team led by Councillor Steven Reed carried out an assessment and considered that the key threat to the village was prolonged poor weather (heavy snow and/or flooding) with a loss of electrical power.

Parish Council News

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Parish Council
On Police presence, the village going ECO, opening of the Longmead Pavilion and cheaper burials.

Parish Council Responds to the Culm Development Plan

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Parish Council

It is widely recognized that Hemyock has had significant housing development over recent years. 

Members of Hemyock Parish Council held an additional meeting in order to discuss the Culm Development Plan (see here).  This was because of their real interest and deep concern about areas of the village which were being considered by Mid Devon District Council for future affordable housing and employment development.  The plan identifies three areas within Hemyock where affordable housing and/or employment construction could take place. 

Hemyock Without Dedicated Police Presence

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Parish Council After a short period of having a dedicated Beat Manager who showed real signs of getting to know the community and its inhabitants, Hemyock and the surrounding area is again without a police presence.

Culm Area Development Plan

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Parish Council The Mid Devon District Council's plans for our area are to be discussed.  At the forthcoming Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 5th September, there will be a speaker from MDDC who will outline their plans for us up to the year 2026 and answer questions.   Parish Council Meetings start at 7:30pm in the Forbes Lounge.  Full details are on the village notice boards.

A Healthy Living Centre for Hemyock

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Parish Council
The development of a Healthy Living Centre for Hemyock came a little closer yesterday when the Mid Devon District Council planning committee agreed a Change of Use for the garages of the former St Ivel factory from light industrial to social care premises.   The Healthy Living Centre is a new and innovative way of helping the community take better care of itself.   The Centre will strive to maintain the health and wellbeing of the frail, vulnerable and disabled in the scattered and often isolated rural community enabling them to stay at home.