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Christmas Fayre

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St Mary's Church This year's Christmas Fayre will take place on Saturday 6th December, from 2:30pm to 4:30pm in the Parish Hall.

Star of Wonder, Star of....

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St Mary's Church For many years now the Christmas period at St Mary's has been marked by the erection of a lighted star on top of the tower. This year it will not appear.

St Mary's Guild - December 08

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St Mary's Church The last two meetings - October and November had slightly different formats from our usual meetings. October had apples, a jigsaw, and homemade cake. November had a quiz on sweets and parkin.

From Revd David Sherwood - December 08

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St Mary's Church For me, 'Silent Night' is perhaps the most evocative of all the Christmas Carols.  There are others of course, but they are mostly 'busy' carols, echoing the world as it runs helter skelter through the festive season. And those bright and busy carols are the ones that we will have heard a hundred times in shops and in the media in the run up to Christmas Day - along with the Christmas songs that today's children often confuse with carols. I like 'Silent Night' because it grounds us - it brings us back to the truth of what Christmas Day is all about.

Pilgrim's Guide To Devon's Churches

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St Mary's Church A reminder that it is not too late to order a copy of "The Pilgrim's Guide To Devon's Churches", a book outlining the Church of England churches in Devon, all 627 of them. It is due to be published in late October. It will cost £7.99. St Mary's will be having a supply available on publication, and if you would like to reserve a copy (or two or three) then please contact the PCC secretary.

Remembrance Day service at St Mary's

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St Mary's Church The parish church of St Mary's was filled when the village joined together to commemorate Remembrance Sunday. Led by the church choir and uniformed youth groups and villagers walked from the Parish Hall to the church where the service was conducted by Reader David Palmer.

Footballers clear pitch ahead of games

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Parish Council Free roaming dogs are thought to be to blame for the increasing amounts of faeces being found on the village sports complex, especially the football pitch. This represents a health hazard to players and referees are ordering that a clean sweep of the pitch be made before play can commence. Owners are asked to keep their dogs on leads whilst in the area and clean up the mess.

Vandalism increase noted

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Parish Council Hemyock has always enjoyed a low crime rate, but of late the number of acts of vandalism and anti-social behaviour are on the increase.

Relief as sewage works have start date

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Parish Council For some time now residents of Longmead in Hemyock have warned that if an enhanced sewage system was not in place prior to the sales of new properties on the Churchill’s development, overspill into their pathways and gardens would increase with the resultant mess and health hazard.