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Samariton’s Purse Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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General News "It's the best shoebox in the village!" he shouted. The pens and paper meant that the 10 year old would at last be allowed to go to school.  Louis's box contained his first ever toy car.  His eyes lit up. He was 6 years old and this would probably be his last Christmas.  He had a stomach tumour Will you fill a box to bring happiness to a child this Christmas? Please contact Janice Tel 01823 680352

Can the Violet Chapman Trust Help You?

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General News This registered charity was set up by a local parishioner in 1986 for the benefit of elderly and sick residents in Hemyock and district. It can make grants for medical treatment and care, and assist relatives/friends visiting and caring for people at home or in hospital. Grants for research, surgeries, homes and institutions caring for eligible persons can also be made. The local GPs, nurses, health visitors, BSG, churches and chapels may hear of people who are finding it difficult to visit or provide for relatives when they fall sick, and can advise people of the Trust and how it may be able to help.

Bus Timetable - Taunton to Hemyock

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General News If you work or attend college in Taunton you will know how frustrating it is that the last bus for Hemyock leaves at 5.15pm. Bus companies will only change a timetable when enough customers pressure them to alter it. If you are keen to support the provision of a later bus service from Taunton please register your interest by contacting Dominic Crocco on 681206.

Mary Waldron Trust

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General News This fund exists primarily to help students in higher and further education, with the purchase of their books and equipment, by making discretionary grants. It is managed under the auspices of the Local Authorities and the Charities Commission.

Around Hemyock

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General News 'A tangerine and russet cascade of kaleidoscopic leaves creates a tapestry of autumn magic upon the emerald carpet of fading summer' writes J. Lindberg.  One of the great joys of living in the countryside is that this is something we may see every day as we move through the coming months. Yes, our summer may have appeared wet and miserable but we have many things to be grateful for not least the natural glories of the Blackdown Hills. By the time this appears we shall have had the chance to celebrate Harvest, to give thanks for all those who help supply our daily food remembering especially the work of our farming community and to remember that "All good gifts around us are sent from heav'n above."

It Never Rains But It Pours!

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General News To say that it has been a wet year (so far!) would be an understatement.  Of the first eight months of the year, six have been at least a third more than thefive year average. August wins gold at 71% more, May wins silver at 57% more, with January only a short way behind for bronze at 55% more.

Council Hedge Cutting - An Expensive Option

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Parish Council Land owners in the Hemyock area are being advised to cut their hedges in the interests of road safety. Overgrown hedges mean narrow roads and this may lead to accidents says the Parish Council. Farmers are generally good at keeping their hedges trimmed. It appears that it is the house owners with long hedgerows bordering their properties who may be to blame. The alternative is that the council will do the work and invoice the landowner said Parish Chairman Heather Stallard. This may be a rather expensive option she claimed.

The Just 10p Project

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General News The aim of the Just 10p Project is to raise funds for educational projects in Uganda by inviting people to donate Just 10p. Many of you will know that Brian and Sheila Pretty make regular visits to the Kisoro region of Uganda to help with a variety of projects. The money raised from the Just 10p Project will be used specifically to help build and equip a Science Laboratory at the Sesame Girls School and help with other educational projects in the Kisoro region.

Blackdown Community Choir

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General News The Blackdown Community Choir are now recruiting. Men especially welcome! We sing a variety of light music including African, Folk, Gospel, Chants etc. We meet on Wednesday evenings at Courtfields School Wellington. The ability to read music is not necessary, but you must be able to hold a harmony part.

Be A Poppy Collector

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General News Each year our Poppy People numbers drop by thousands, as many of our older collectors decide they can no longer assist us.  They have well and truly done their bit, and now we need to focus on new faces to come forward and lend a hand.  Can you give two hours plus of your time to collect between 27th October and 8th November?  If you can help in Hemyock, please contact David Bawler on 01823 680352