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Blackdown Hills Walking Group

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General News The group was first started in May 2006 with the aim of bringing together everyone who enjoys walking in and around the beautiful Blackdown Hills in the company of other, like-minded people. Since our inauguration, membership has steadily increased to around 70 and the number of walks from 11 to 18 per year.

Annual Church Meeting

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St Mary's Church Don't forget that as well as being the Queen's birthday, April 21st is also the day of the Annual Church Meeting for St Mary's. It takes place at 7.45pm and is the time to hear what has been going on in the various church groups over the past year. If you don't know what church groups there are then it's a good chance to find out. For those on the electoral roll there's also voting to be done for Church Council members, and this year Deanery Synod members too.

St Mary's Guild - April 08

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St Mary's Church The February meeting of St Mary’s Guild fell on Ash Wednesday. Members and friends attended the communion service at St Mary’s Church and then went accross to the Church rooms for a delicious frugal Lent lunch of various homemade soups, homemade rolls and cheese followed by tea or coffee.

Hemyock Church Rooms

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St Mary's Church St Mary's Church Rooms can be hired for parties or regular bookings.  If interested please contact Janice Bawler 01823 680352.

Parish Pump Reminder

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General News A big thank you for those of you who have kindly made a donation towards the printing costs of the Parish Pump this year.

The Parish Pump is completely produced and delivered by volunteers, and aims to break even every year. Your support is essential to keep this magazine running. We suggest £3 per year to meet the costs, but any donation is gratefully received.

From Revd David Sherwood - April 08

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St Mary's Church We now stand on the threshold of spring, the season of renewal. I'm sure that all of us will enjoy the longer days, the opportunity to get back outside and nurture our gardens back to new life. Not that they need our help, they are quite capable of doing it all on their own! But, we have our own ideas about how they should look and will hack, prod, dig, mow and generally bully them into submission - because we are the ones in control and want it done our way.

Phil Offers To Clean Hemyock Homes!

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General News

Phil Maclean is living up to his name by spring cleaning his home village of Hemyock on Sunday week.

Phil, 31, and a team of friends are offering to spruce up people's homes to raise money for charity in memory of his late wife, Lynsey.

Palm Sunday at St Mary's

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St Mary's Church Palm Sunday, 16th March, will see the choir of the parish church of St Mary's, Hemyock lead the traditional procession from the Parish Hall to the Church for the morning service. They will leave the hall at 10.45am. All welcome

Janice Bawler

Proposed Changes To St Mary's Church

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St Mary's Church Villagers in Hemyock are being invited to a meeting at 10.30am on Saturday 8th March at the Parish Church to hear about possible alterations within the building that are being considered by St Mary's Parochial Church Council.

A number of suggestions have been put forward and these plans are on display at the back of the church along with an explanatory leaflet.

Space Science Made Easier By Hemyock Man

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General News Now Simon Ould can bring the solar system down to earth, his space odyssey service is really taking off.  The ex-physics teacher, who lives in Hemyock, has launched a mobile planetarium project which is completely out of this world.