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From Ray Radford

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General News I am pleased to be re-elected to serve this area for another four years. I do thank everyone for their support and do my best to represent you all. Thank you.

Around Hemyock.... August 2009

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General News The wind dropped, the cloud lessened and before you knew it seven members of  the Red Devils had parachuted into the Recreation Field and found themselves  being inspected by Churchwarden Mary Beal before handing over an inscribed  wooden baton to mark the event.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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General News It may be the middle of summer as you read this but some people have already begun collection items to put on their shoeboxes for the annual Samaritan's Purse Christmas Shoebox appeal.

Mary Waldren Trust

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General News This fund exists primarily to help students in higher and further education,  with the purchase of their books and equipment, by making discretionary grants.

Ice Cream Day

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General News An Ice-cream day will be held on Saturday 5 September at Beamley Bungalow

Scrabble Club

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General News Scrabble Club is continuing on the 4th Tuesday in each month at 2.30pm at the Back Room of Hemyock Baptist Church

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

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General News Julie and Leonard summers are taking part in a 22 mile sponsored walk in the  Cotswolds on the 15th and 16th August for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Indian Takeaway

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General News Thank You to all those who supported the Hemyock Indian Take-Away in April.


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General News Following the excitement of the Red Devils "dropping in" to the Summer Fair their leader talked about the opportunities for trying Tandem sky-diving with them.