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Poppy Appeal Collection

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General News The total raised in the Poppy Appeal collection was £1438.41. This was slightly down on last year but still a very good amount. My grateful thanks to all those who helped with the collection.

Casual Walking Group

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General News Anyone interested in joining a casual walking group?  A small group of older people meet once a month on a Sunday morning, and usually drive to a pub, walk for about 2 hours (4 to 5 miles) and end up back at the pub for lunch.

From Ray Radford, Your County Councillor

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General News It's that time of year again, Christmas, it is a nice time of year, but they come around too quickly.  First I should thank all those who turned out and helped with the Big Litter Pick, across the whole District there where 28 Parishes that took part during the Autumn, increasing every year, out of 48 Parishes. What is noticeable is that not so much rubbish is being picked up, I think that the majority of our Community is being more careful in dropping rubbish. Unfortunately, there is a few that are not so careful, thanks must go to all those who do clear up behind the more careless. We will have another clear up in the Spring.

What a night!

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General News The Valley  Arts and Social Society held a very successful Mediterranean evening on 28th September.  Your WI was out in force to support this fantastic evening which took on a party atmosphere.  The hall was decorated and looked like a mediterranean patio, the food was cooked to perfection, the entertainment superb and the company happy and friendly.  A very good evening was had by all and we wish the group every sucess in the future.  We look forward to the next event.

Samariton’s Purse Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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General News "It's the best shoebox in the village!" he shouted. The pens and paper meant that the 10 year old would at last be allowed to go to school.  Louis's box contained his first ever toy car.  His eyes lit up. He was 6 years old and this would probably be his last Christmas.  He had a stomach tumour Will you fill a box to bring happiness to a child this Christmas? Please contact Janice Tel 01823 680352

Can the Violet Chapman Trust Help You?

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General News This registered charity was set up by a local parishioner in 1986 for the benefit of elderly and sick residents in Hemyock and district. It can make grants for medical treatment and care, and assist relatives/friends visiting and caring for people at home or in hospital. Grants for research, surgeries, homes and institutions caring for eligible persons can also be made. The local GPs, nurses, health visitors, BSG, churches and chapels may hear of people who are finding it difficult to visit or provide for relatives when they fall sick, and can advise people of the Trust and how it may be able to help.

Bus Timetable - Taunton to Hemyock

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General News If you work or attend college in Taunton you will know how frustrating it is that the last bus for Hemyock leaves at 5.15pm. Bus companies will only change a timetable when enough customers pressure them to alter it. If you are keen to support the provision of a later bus service from Taunton please register your interest by contacting Dominic Crocco on 681206.

Mary Waldron Trust

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General News This fund exists primarily to help students in higher and further education, with the purchase of their books and equipment, by making discretionary grants. It is managed under the auspices of the Local Authorities and the Charities Commission.

Around Hemyock

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General News 'A tangerine and russet cascade of kaleidoscopic leaves creates a tapestry of autumn magic upon the emerald carpet of fading summer' writes J. Lindberg.  One of the great joys of living in the countryside is that this is something we may see every day as we move through the coming months. Yes, our summer may have appeared wet and miserable but we have many things to be grateful for not least the natural glories of the Blackdown Hills. By the time this appears we shall have had the chance to celebrate Harvest, to give thanks for all those who help supply our daily food remembering especially the work of our farming community and to remember that "All good gifts around us are sent from heav'n above."