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Harvest Festival at St Mary's

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St Mary's Church The annual village Harvest Festival service will take place at St Mary's on Friday 19th September at 7pm. This will be followed by a bring and share supper in the Church Room.

St Marys Fete

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St Mary's Church The organisers would like to thank all those who helped or supported St Mary's Church in any way to make the day a success despite the atrocious weather.  £1663 was raised which was only £150 below last years figure.

Devon Historic Churches Day - September 13

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St Mary's Church As part of Heritage Weekend, and in line with the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Diocese, the Devon Historic Churches Trust is inviting all of us to visit as many churches as possible on September 13th. And if you want to get sponsorship for your efforts, then you can not only help the Trust but also the Devon church of your choice. Proceeds are split 50/50. You can choose your own rules for sponsoring, eg visiting churches with spires, churches dedicated to a particular saint, or all the churches in one deanery.

From Revd Chris Hudson - August 08

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St Mary's Church One man's rubbish.

I spend a lot of mental energy and self-discipline trying to stop myself becoming a grumpy old man. In particular I have given up complaining about issues like 'You can't get anyone to mend anything these days' (which isn't really that true anyway) or about the plethora of signs on our roads.

From Revd David Sherwood - June 08

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St Mary's Church

The past month has been an horrendous time for those living in the Far East following the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma) and the horrific earthquake in China. The scenes we have been shown on television or in the newspapers cannot begin to describe the anguish felt by the survivors. We have seen or heard of those in Myanmar who are denied the aid they so desperately need and yet is readily available - and those in China who have lost so many relatives, especially children in the schools that collapsed.

St Mary's Redecorated

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St Mary's Church Following the service to celebrate Pentecost (Whitsun) at 11.15 am on Sunday 11th May the Parish Church of St Mary's will be closed for a period of approximately 5 weeks whilst the interior is redecorated.

Vestry Meeting at St Mary's Church

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St Mary's Church Rev David Sherwood chaired the annual Vestry Meeting of St Mary's Church, Hemyock when Churchwardens for the coming year are elected.

Retiring Wardens David Bawler, who had served nine years, and Michael Cooper, who had served one, were thanked for their work.

St Mary's Annual Meeting 2008

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St Mary's Church Reports presented at the annual church meeting of St Mary’s Hemyock with Culm Davy Chapel showed them to be lively forward looking communities. The buildings including the Church Room are in good repair and the interior of St Mary’s is to be redecorated during the summer months. Architect plans for possible alterations at the church had been on display and following an open parish meeting Church Council will be considering the way forward.

Annual Church Meeting

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St Mary's Church Don't forget that as well as being the Queen's birthday, April 21st is also the day of the Annual Church Meeting for St Mary's. It takes place at 7.45pm and is the time to hear what has been going on in the various church groups over the past year. If you don't know what church groups there are then it's a good chance to find out. For those on the electoral roll there's also voting to be done for Church Council members, and this year Deanery Synod members too.

St Mary's Guild - April 08

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St Mary's Church The February meeting of St Mary’s Guild fell on Ash Wednesday. Members and friends attended the communion service at St Mary’s Church and then went accross to the Church rooms for a delicious frugal Lent lunch of various homemade soups, homemade rolls and cheese followed by tea or coffee.