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From Revd Sherwood - June & July 07

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St Mary's Church Recently, I came across a 'thank you' card sent to me three years ago by the children a tiny village school. I had been invited to take their assembly and the whole school was there - all twenty seven of them! The children were alive and buzzing, infused with the joy and celebration of spring. As we began our short act of worship, the children surprised me by becoming quiet and attentive. A small girl came forward, lit a candle and turning to the others said "The Lord be with you." to which they replied solemnly "and also with you."

The Church Clock - Task Completed!

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St Mary's Church Many thanks to all people of the Parish who have contributed to the fund dedicated for the renovation of our Parish Clock in the Church Tower.

St Marys Guild - Apr & May 07

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St Mary's Church Members met as usual in the Church Rooms at 3pm on Wednesday, February 7th. There being very little business of the day, Christine introduced our speaker Brenda Calcraft, who entertained and enlightened us with her knowledge and practical demonstrations of patchwork.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.....

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St Mary's Church With the recent work being done on the Hemyock church clock, a few words of history might be of interest.

From Revd Sherwood - Apr & May 07

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St Mary's Church Over the past couple of years we have seen a profusion of plastic bracelets adorning people's arms. They are multicoloured and usually demonstrate the support of a particular charity. People of all ages wear them but they seem to be particularly popular with school-children, who often wear so many it's difficult to see any skin beneath them! These bands are not always a reflection of charitable support - they often carry simple but powerful messages like 'Love', 'Peace' or 'Stop Bullying'.

The Church Clock

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St Mary's Church Many in the Parish may have noticed that the church clock is not registering the
time. It has to be repaired! Although the clock is under the care of the Parish
Church this is part of the treasure, which belongs to the whole Parish. A
Honiton clock maker originally made the clock in 1748. From time to time it has
been repaired. In 2000 the winding mechanism was electrified. This was to
reduce the need of a person climbing up many steps to rewind two heavy
weights daily.

Keyboard Wanted

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St Mary's Church St Mary's Church, Hemyock are in need of a portable keyboard - mainly to be
used for Choir Practices. If you have one spare or hiding away unused please
contact Ron White 681020 or revron@btinternet.com

From Revd Sherwood - Feb & Mar 07

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St Mary's Church In the media and in conversation with others I am hearing a constant refrain - the complaint that we now live in a 'nanny' state. It begins with surveillance cameras. If you drive on certain roads, visit any town, city or even railway station your presence is noted and recorded. I suppose the argument for their use is based on the need for national security and they have been useful in bringing dangerous people to book. But even so, many see this as an intrusion, an infringement of our privacy and human rights. But it doesn't stop there - farmers complain of the satellites reporting back to the government on how they are keeping their livestock and what they are growing in their fields. If we have a 'sat-nav' in our car or tractor we can be tracked and when road pricing comes in they will know where we are at any given time of the day.

St Marys Guild - Dec 06 & Jan 07

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St Mary's Church On Wednesday December 6th, Members of St Mary's guild met to enjoy their
Christmas Party which proved to be a very pleasant afternoon.

After participating in a light hearted Christmas Quiz, we enjoyed some festive
fare including Mince pies, Stollen and mulled wine - scrumptious.

From Revd Sherwood - Dec 06 & Jan 07

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St Mary's Church At this time of year the number of people visiting Lapland increases tenfold. There are now regular flights to this icy outpost of northern Europe and many families take the opportunity to visit 'Father Christmas'. It's a sort of seasonal Disneyland for children of all ages to experience the magic of meeting Santa Claus on his home turf. In fact, the idea of travelling to Father Christmas's home is so popular, that it was one of Jimmy Saville's most requested 'Fix-its', even back in the days when there were no direct flights. Being able to grasp
tangible evidence of what Christmas is all about seems to be so important to people, that they are willing to pay what amounts to the cost of an annual holiday to go there. The problem is - this isn't what Christmas is all about.