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121.Hemyock Parish Council
Please note advance warning of a footpath closure. Week commencing 23rd September - the parish council intends to resurface the footpath at the back of Castle Park which joins with the footpath at the back of the Doctors surgery. It is anticipated that the work will take 5 days.   Please use an ...
122.Longmead Management Meeting
 Longmead Management Group have a committee meeting on Monday 25th January at 7pm.  Click here for agenda and click here for last minutes.    
123.Longmead Management Meeting
 Please find attached agenda for Longmead Management Group Meeting on 28th April.  Click here
124.Defibrillator Training

125.Temporary Traffic Order
126.Hemyock Parish Council - Notice of Hearing
Notice is hereby given that an Inspector will be appointed by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to determine Devon County Council (Footpath No. 2, Culmstock (part) & Bridleway No. 38, Culmstock and Restricted Byway No. 1, Hemyock) Definitive Map Modification Order 2012 and will attend ...
127.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order.
128.Temporary Traffic Order
Click here
129.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council Meeting
130.Hemyock Parish Council
Planning meeting to discuss 19/00038/MOUT. Outline for a mixed use development of approximately 40 dwellings, 600sq.m. of B1 employment space, public open space, access and associated works, following demolition of existing poultry sheds. Culmbridge Farm, Hemyock.
131.Hemyock Parish Council
Commons Management Group meeting
132.Parish Council Meeting
December Monthly Council Meeting
133.Hemyock Parish Council
Finance meeting
134.Parish Council Monthly Meeting
September Monthly Meeting
135.Hemyock Parish Council
Continuation of December Monthly Meeting
136.Hemyock Parish Council
Finance committee meeting
137.Hemyock Parish Council
Planning Meeting to discuss 19/00038/MOUT 40 dwellings Culmbridge Farm
138.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Parish Council meeting
139.Hemyock Parish Council
monthly council meeting
140.Hemyock Parish Council
Commons Management Group meeting
141.Longmead Management Committee AGM
AGM followed by committee meeting
142.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council Meeting
143.Hemyock Parish Council
Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
144.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly council meeting
145.Hemyock Parish Council
Planning meeting
146.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council Meeting
147.Hemyock Parish Council
Finance Committee Meeting - Forbes Lounge
148.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly meeting
149.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council meeting
150.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly council meeting