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271.Visit to St Herblon May 2008
Heather Stallard, Chairman of Hemyock Parish Council, signing the Twinning Charter
272.Visit to St Herblon May 2008
The officials of the villages on both sides of the Twinning show the gifts they have exchanged.
273.Visit to St Herblon May 2008
About 200 people were present to hear the speeches welcoming the signing of the Charter, formalising the Twinning.
274.Visit to St Herblon May 2008
Speeches were made and translated applauding the decision to formalise the Twinning and looking forward to increasing ties between the areas.
275.Visit to St Herblon May 2008
This is a local organic vineyard we visited.
276.Visit to St Herblon May 2008
There was free time to visit local towns and sample their delights. This is Oudon market