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151.Annual Parish Meeting
H emyock P arish C ouncil Annual Parish Meeting Hemyock will be holding its Annual Parish Meeting on Saturday 27th April 2013 at 2.30pm in the Parish Hall. There will be various displays around the hall, guest speakers, Neighbourhood Plan/Parish Plan discussion and cream teas. Everyone welcome, please come along. ...
152.Christmas Decoration Competition
It's that time of year for Hemyock Parish Council to have its Christmas Decoration Competition. So enter into the spirit of Christmas and help make the village look festive and cheerful. Click here for more information
HEMYOCK EMERGENCY PLAN (HEP) Do you think you could help if we ever had to activate the village emergency plan? Mr Tim Barton is reviewing the Emergency Plan on behalf of the parish council. Much of the review has been completed and Mr Barton hopes to issue a draft plan ...
154.Parish Council News
On Police presence, the village going ECO, opening of the Longmead Pavilion and cheaper burials.
155.Millhayes Hall Hold Up – Again!
Millhayes Hall was previously the Social Club of the St Ivel works in Hemyock. It, together with the vehicle garages, is all that is left of the factory which used to produce Utterly Butterly .
156.More Noticeboards for Hemyock
Hemyock is a thriving community with a large number of events, all of which need to be promoted. This web site and the village noticeboard are two of the means of advertising. However the single noticboard is proving too small and it is thought that a further one or two ...
157.Council Is Energised
The annual Parish meeting on 1st May at the Hemyock Parish Hall is the place to get up-to-date with what is happening in this vibrant rural community.
158.Council Hedge Cutting An Expensive Option
Land owners in the Hemyock area are being advised to cut their hedges in the interests of road safety.
159.Biodiversity Plan for Hemyock
The Blackdown Hills AONB has commissioned Dr David Allen to produce reports on the biodiversity of six Blackdown Hills parishes including Hemyock. These will include distribution maps showing areas of important habitat or notable species and ideas for nature conservation action that the local community might like to pursue.
160.At Last - We have a Police Person!
After a two year wait, Police Woman Victoria Underhill is the new Beat Manager for the Upper Culm area including Hemyock. She introduced herself at a recent parish Council meeting when delivering the up-to-date crime figures which continue to be on the low side - which is encouraging. Vicki was ...
161.Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations
The Chairman of Hemyock Parish Council, Mrs Heather Stallard will Chair a meeting in the village hall (Forbes Lounge) at 11am on Saturday 10 September 2011 to initiate plans for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 and all club members/parishoners are invited to attend.
162.A Modest Rise to the Village Precept
Hemyock Parish Council have approved a modest increase in the Parish Precept for the year 2010/11 which equates to a rise typically of less than 3p per household per week. The Council heard that the increase was needed to fund a range of useful initiatives which would be of real ...
163.Village Takes Action On Speeding
Hemyock Parish Council is seeking volunteers to run a speed survey system in the village using the latest technology ‘speed guns’. Most of the village is covered by a 20mph limit whilst other areas within the Parish remain covered by the maximum 30mph limit. But locals complain that ‘thoughtless’ drivers ...
164.Roadways activity in Hemyock
A large number of activities seem to be happening on the roads around Hemyock, all at once. The PCs initiative to replace the walkway over the Culm is finally coming to fruition, and Devon County Highways seem to have finally got their act together, though there is a strong suspicion ...
165.News from the Parish Council
Frank Rosamond the recently elected Chair of MDDC made Hemyock his first visit to a Parish Council on Wednesday evening where he was congratulated by Heather Stallard and her team. The BMX track beside the Culm River by Millhayes Farm has been transformed by grass cutting and litter picking. Young ...
166.Hemyock Parish Council
Hemyock Tomorrow - this is a fuller version of the document which is shortly being delivered to all homes in the parish of Hemyock.  The circulated summary document has a Feedback Form attached to it.  Please cut off and return the form to the boxes in the Post Office or ...
167.Calor Village of the Year Competition
Representatives of the parish gave an excellent presentation to the judges when they came to hemyock in August.
168.Phone A Friend
The Blackdowns look great in white, but maybe you know someone who is living alone and for whom you might have safety concerns. There are elderly people living alone in the Hills around us and your Parish Council is suggesting that we should all be good neighbours and phone a ...
169.Hemyock Parish Council
Click here for Horse Sense for Motorists Leaflet    
170.Hemyock Launches Ambitious Parish Appraisal
Every home in the Parish of Hemyock has received a 36 page, 98 question Parish Appraisal asking residents to respond to questions and to comment on a wide and varied range of topics from Housing to Employment, Medical Services to Transport Needs and Education to Social Welfare. The document was ...
171.Christmas Competition
Hemyock residents and businesses are being encouraged to enter into the festive spirit by externally decorating their homes and offices. The annual competition draws significant interest, with prizes given by the Parish Council for both categories. Devon County Councillor Ray Radford has been asked to judge this years competition. Further ...
172.Remember Our Neighbours
Happy New Year from your Parish Council. Most of us are fit and healthy and are enjoying the snow. Some of our neighbours, especially the elderly, may view this weather with trepidation – not being able to get out to the shops, not having their friends or family come by ...
173.Annual Parish Meeting
The well worn phrase “something for everyone” may just be true when applied to the Hemyock Annual Parish meeting. Interest groups represented include speakers from HELIC about the upcoming opening of the Blackdown Healthy Living Centre in Hemyock; Tiverton & District Community Transport Association on their services; and someone from ...
174.Hemyock Seeks The Advantages
The Boundary Committee for England is carrying out a structural review of Devon on behalf of national government.
175.Christmas Competition for residential and business premises
Local people are expecting to maintain the customary high standards as they prepare their properties for the annual Christmas decoration competition in Hemyock.
176.Parish Appraisal
If you still have an uncompleted Parish Appraisal form sitting on the sideboard at home and would like another day or so to complete it, please take it along to the Post Office in Hemyock by 10th February. If you have lost your copy please contact Heather Stallard today on ...
177.Council Hedge Cutting - An Expensive Option
Land owners in the Hemyock area are being advised to cut their hedges in the interests of road safety. Overgrown hedges mean narrow roads and this may lead to accidents says the Parish Council. Farmers are generally good at keeping their hedges trimmed. It appears that it is the house ...
178.Hemyock Land Owners
There is a keen interested in providing Allotments in Hemyock as evidenced by the recent village Survey. What we lack is land close to the village which can be used for Allotments. The Parish Council is seeking to lease land of between one and one and a half acres for ...
179.Temporary Traffic Order
Road closure 4th December Dunkeswell to Honiton  Information about some forthcoming drainage works which involve a road closure on the Honiton to Dunkeswell Road, near Combe Raleigh.   The road needs to close because a culvert has collapsed and requires replacement.  We are also installing new gullies whilst the closure is in ...
180.Hemyock Parish Council