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181.Important Archaeological Finds On The Churchill's Farm Development
Hemyock Annual Meeting for all who live in the Parish of Hemyock. Find out what is happening in and around the village - current plans and recent achievements. Ask questions and listen to interesting speakers.
182.Hemyock Parish Council
Temporary Traffic Order Gypsy Cross - Leigh Cross 3-4 April 2018
183.Hemyock Parish Council

184.Hemyock Land Owners
There is a keen interested in providing Allotments in Hemyock as evidenced by the recent village Survey. What we lack is land close to the village which can be used for Allotments. The Parish Council is seeking to lease land of between one and one and a half acres for ...
185.Hemyock Parish Council
Temporary Traffic Order Fourways Cross - Ridgewood Cross 5th February
186.Vandalism increase noted
Hemyock has always enjoyed a low crime rate, but of late the number of acts of vandalism and anti-social behaviour are on the increase.
187.Hemyock Parish Council
29th Jan - 2nd February Five Bridges - Madford Cross click here and  5th - 9th February  click here
188.Footballers clear pitch ahead of games
Free roaming dogs are thought to be to blame for the increasing amounts of faeces being found on the village sports complex, especially the football pitch. This represents a health hazard to players and referees are ordering that a clean sweep of the pitch be made before play can commence. ...
189.Hemyock Parish Council - Annual Parish Meeting
Come along and see what is happening in your parish, updates on Milhayes Projects. Your input is needed for future developments in the village.
190.Parish Meeting
Come and find out what is happening in and around the village - current plans and recent achievents. Ask your questions and listen to interesting speakers. Thursday 30th April at Hemyock Parish Hall 7.00pm. Cheese and wine event.
191.Hemyock Parish Council
Defibrillator Training  Tuesday 30th January 7-9pm Half Moon Inn Working with Clayhidon & Culmstock Parish Council, Hemyock Parish Council invites you to attend a free defibrillator training session. The three parishes lease the defibrillators from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and it provides an annual training session as part ...
192.Hemyock Parish Council
Temporary Traffic Order - Remembrance Parade 
193.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order 26th January 2018 Urgent repair to manhole cover
194.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order Road closure for the Lights Parade - 2nd December 6pm-8pm
195.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order 13th - 17th November   
196.Hemyock Parish Council
HEMYOCK TOMORROW is a vision for the future which outlines our priorities for the next five years. It has been prepared by the community for the community :    
197.Hemyock Parish Council
Come along to the Annual Parish Meeting - Friday 27th April, 7pm - Parish Hall. Meeting opens at 7pm with displays around the hall and the formal presentations start at 7.30pm. Cheese & Wine. Everyone welcome.  
198.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic order Madford Cross/Newcott Cross 13-15 August
199.Hemyock Parish Council
The Parish Council is planning to install a Visitor Information Board in the village car park. One of the panels will be a map of the village with photos and descriptions of points of interest. The map shown here is only a draft, the final version will be professionally designed ...
200.Tour of Britain Monday 3rd September
I’m writing to you with some final details regarding the Tour of Britain Devon stage which will be travelling through Hemyock on Monday 3rd September and to ask for your assistance in ensuring its safe passage through the village.   Race timings and advance warning signs The full route and ...
201.Hemyock Parish Council
Village Toilets At long last Mid Devon District Council has finished refurbishing the toilets. Whilst the parish council was waiting for the refurbishment to be completed, the cleaner that had been lined up nearly a year ago has understandably found alternative employment so the parish council is now looking for ...
202.Temporary Traffic Order
temporary traffic order 2-3rd August - Pencross to Withy Lane click here
203.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order 23rd - 27th July Culmstock Road
204.Hemyock Parish Council
Wednesday 12th September at 7.30pm Forbes Lounge A meeting has been arranged with Summerfield to discuss the potential development of Culmbridge Farm. This is an informal open meeting and everyone is welcome to attend and hear what Summerfield has to say. Click here
205.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary traffic order - Sunday 11th November  Roads affected – Between the hours of 09.30 and 10.00 FORE STREET, FROM THE PARISH HALL TO ST. MARYS CHURCH Roads affected – Between the hours of 10.55 and 11.15 FORE STREET, OUTSIDE ST MARY’S CHURCH BY THE WAR MEMORIAL
206.Christmas Decoration Competition

207.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order 5th -6th December - Pencross Hill
208.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary traffic order 1st - 5th April 2019 Fore Street  
209.Hemyock Parish Council
Happening Hemyock Saturday 3rd November
210.Hemyock Parish Council
Just to make you aware.   A wasps nest next to the Logan Way Play Area has been reported to Mid Devon District Council.   Its pest control contractor MITIE has advised that the play area will have to be closed for 48 hours while the nest is being treated. ...