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Tennis Club - Membership Information

Membership 2017-18 Season
Subscription renewals are due 1st April.

£80 Senior

£120 Senior plus partner/spouse

£40 Additional senior in household

£20 Junior, £10 additional sibling

Social†member £10

New Members

Half Price subscriptions.
The committee have decided to continue with the offer of half price subscriptions for those who have not been members of the club before.

If you would like to become a new member, download the appropriate application form below and post it to the Club Secretary, whose name and address is under Committee on the main page.

To download a Senior Application Form, click here

To download a Junior Application Form, click here

Please make payment by bank transfer (details on the application form).†

Please scan and email the application form to the club Treasurer Jerry Popham or send it to him by post (details on the application form)

Existing members

You will receive a Renewal Form with the March Newsletter, which you should fill in and give to the Treasurer.† Payment can either be by cheque, or by BACS using our account number 91465767 and sort code 40-24-28. Do not forget to put your own name as Reference, otherwise we will not know who it is from!

We have a problem with some people being such late payers, the season ends before they have paid.† This is not in the interest of the club or its members, so the Committee decided to issue a visual proof of payment.† When you have paid, you will receive a small coloured plastic tag.† Please thread this onto your tennis shoe laces.† After a date to be decided in June, we will (and Members should) challenge those not wearing tags.†† They might have paid at the Spar, when they will have a court key with a huge fob!


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