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Hemyock Tennis Club social ladder.

Trial page for the Ladder results and information.

Pairing Matches
Doubles Tennis Ladder
1 Karen & Malcolm Steer 0
2 Suzy Besant & Bob Hawkes 0
3 Trisha Comrie & Steve Harold 0
4 Lucy Tonkin & Cameron Tonkin 0
5 Donna Evans & Anna Taylor 0
6 Behjat Hurren & Paul Hurren 0
7 Jerry Popham & Paul Steed 0
8 Julie Steed & Steve Harold 0
9 Sue & Phil Cooper 0
10 Brook McCandler & Jake Phillips 0
Singles Tennis Ladder
Player Matches
1 Bob Hawkes 0
2 Paul Steed 0
3 Karen Steer 0
4 Malcolm Steer 0
5 Suzy Besant 0
6 Julie Steed 0
7 Steve Harold 0
8 Brook McCandler 0

Challenge any pair or player above you on the ladder. After playing the match, email me (stvharold@gmail.com) the result. If you win I will move you to the position of the challenged pair/player. The challenged pair/player will then move down one place.

Matches consist of two short sets. The winner is determined by the game count. If ater two sets the game count is even, then a championship tie-break could be played.

Alternatively, the match could be best of 3 short sets, if you are so energetically inclined.

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Turning drier, sunnier and warmer for all this week.

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Remaining rather cloudy through Tuesday in the west, with some patchy light rain or drizzle on hills. Drier elsewhere with some bright or sunny spells. Feeling warm in the sunshine. Maximum Temperature 19 °C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Cloudier on Wednesday, with some bright or warm sunny spells. Turning increasingly sunny and very warm or hot through Thursday and Friday. Some muggy nights to come.

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