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I am trying to trace the parents of John Moon b. 1706 in Hemyock. I know he was the son of "John" having obtained the information from the Hemyock Parish Registers, but I do not know where his parents came from or where they were married . If anyone can help please contact me

Sharon Lawton (nee Moon)

Wondering if anyone is researching the MORGAN family, Adrian MORGAN born 1809/1811 Hemyock but can't find his baptism, I believe his parents were Adrian MORGAN and Sarah MANLEY as the name MANLEY comes down in the next generation.

Adrian married Elizabeth Bridges HELLARD (born Langford, Budville) 1836 in Wellington parish church, their 12 children were also born in Wellington.

Pat O'Brien

I am trying to trace my gg grandmother, Ann Hine. In all of the censuses she states that she was born in Hemyock, I think about 1820. I have found an Anne Hine who was christened 30 July 1820 in Hemyock. Her parents were William Hine and Hannah Keats who married 16 April 1816 Hemyock. My Ann married Robert Godfrey in 1846.

Can anyone out there PLEASE either confirm or reject this as the right Ann?

Cathy,  Australia

I am trying to find out if any of my Hart's descendants still live in Hemyock. I am a descendant of John Hart who married Joan Bowerman (Clark). They had a son Richard who married Elizabeth Moon, then Sarah Dowderey. Richard and Sarah had 2 children Richard who married Susannah Kingwell and Betty who married Robert Hitchcock. Richard and Susannah had 2 boys Richard b 1806 and Thomas b 1808 in Megavissevy, Cornwall. (My g/g/grandfather). I would like to find more about Richard b 1806 in Falmouth.

Hope someone can help,
Kath Robinson (Australia)

We are coming from New Zealand in July, keen to trace family of my Great Grandfather John Hancock. ( Born in Whimple 1872) His mother was Ann formerly Hitchcock born in Hemyock. She was a lodger aged 22 in the 1851 census and living in Wellington, Hemyock.

We would appreciate any information.
Helen Curreen

My great great grandfather was James Pratt born Broad Clyst Devon 1829 and married Anne Pring in June 1848, If anyone has any info, photographs or may be relatives of mine please get in touch.

Tim Williams

"Inquiring about Lemon Hill"

I happened to come across this site, and am delighted. I have been searching for the names of my father's parents for approx. 6 years. His last name was Lemon, (sometimes spelt Lemmon). He never had a birth certificate nor can we find his birth registration. We do know that he was placed into the care of the Scattered Homes of Plymouth, but where he was born and to who, we do not know.

I read a message on this site by Karen and in it she mentions "Lemon Hill". I would like some information about this place if someone would be so kind, and I thank you very much. My father was supposedly born on August 3, or 8 or 14, 1908. This is what they told him anyway.

Are there families living in this town with that same last name?

I wait patiently for some answers.
Thank you,
from: Irricana, Alberta, Canada..
We are in the middle of a cold and miserable snow storm this March 11, 2006

I'm trying to find out if there is any Hart Family connections still in Hemyock. My Great Grandfather was Robert Hart, Born c1860 in Hemyock. He eventually became Innkeeper of The Three Tuns Inn, Tancred Street, Taunton. (1901 Census) where my Grandmother & Mother were born. Possibly his Parents were- John & Mary of Tharnknap, Hemyock. (1818 Census) - Not confirmed.

I would appreciate any contact.
Many thanks,
David Stewart, Bath.

My family name is Hartnell I can trace my great great grandfather as having been born in Hemyock around 1847 There is a William Hartnell shown on the 1881 census as a thatcher along with his wife Mary and son James living in Hemyock. My great great grandfather appears to be living in Leicester in 1881 with his sister Lillie and two small children William E and Albert T Hartnell. Are there any Hartnells in Hemyock now?

Look forward to hearing from anybody!
Neville Hartnell

I would appreciate any information on the Manfield family from Hemyock particularly Dinah Manfield(1829) and her father Samuel Manfield (1799). Mike was asking about Elizabeth Buttle I believe that she was the elder daughter of Dinah Manfield and Henry Buttle. Dinah later married James Stacey. I'am descended from Dinah's youngest son James.

Many thanks for any information

I came by chance on your website and the request for information on the above two people. John Clist is my great grandfather who wed Elizabeth and had six children, George, Frank, Mark, Ellen, Lucy and Annie. I have most of the history from that date but nothing pre 1836. I would be pleased to hear from Betty and any information she has acquired.

Trevor Clist (Canada)

I am writing this from Brisbane Australia, from where I have been researching my family history for about 2 and a half years. My search has revealed that my father's family, the Townsends, had a strong connection to the Blackdown Hills area that dates back to the early 1700's. I have first located them in Culmstock, then in Hemyock in the 1850's, (Whitehall) over to Holcombe Rogus in 1860s - 70's (Wiseburrow farm), then back at Clayhidon at Culmpyne in 1880's.

My gg grandfather John Townsend, and his wife Jane Ann, nee Cording (whose mother Mellony incidentally was a Townsend from Culmstock) had 10 children altogether. It is possible that some of these older ones would have attended school in Hemyock before the shift to Holcome Rogus. I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about the Townsends. The children were James, Mary, Ann, John, Harry, Tom, Melonie, Elizabeth, Albert and Ada.

Three of the brothers, Harry John and Albert, came to Australia in about the 1880's. I am particularly interested in finding out what happened to James, as the last census I have found him on is the 1871 when he was aged 21. We know that he married, but have no other details. Some of the families that Townsends married into were Manfield, Fry, Baker, Bale and possibly Lutley. I also had the pleasure of visiting Hemyock earlier this year, and seeing the panoramic view at the bottom of the family contacts page brings back many memories.

Ros Venn

I am researching my mothers maiden name Man(s)field, and have Elizabeth Man(s)field marrying John Clist 3.4. 1861 in Hemyock. I have them in the 1881 census in Shoreditch, Somerset where John is the blacksmith. John and Elizabeth have at that time the following children - George aged 18yrs - blacksmith. Frank aged 14yrs -monitor. Lucy aged 10yrs-scholar. Mark aged 9yrs -scholar.

Can anyone give me any more information?
Is there anyone researching the same line?
Elizabeth was my g.g.grandfathers sister.

Betty Evans

Further to my posting about Holways above, I mentioned Thomasin Holway. She was the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Smith and Thomasin was christened in Culmstock in 1791.

I also have a paper which is the examination of Elizabeth Smith about a bastard female child born on 25th August 1795 in Hemyock, 'and that Henry Clist, late of Culmstock.... a woocomber did get her with child of the said bastard child' DRO 3137A/PO47/3 I also have a removal order removing Elazabeth Smith from Culmstock to Hemyock dated 29th March 1790 as she 'is likely so become chargeable to your said parish of Culmstock' DRO 3137A/PO44/22

Hope this is of interest to people on your site looking for Clist family members and to anyone researching the Smith name. You can find references to these docs on the A2A website and Devon Record office have these docs.

Ken Holway

I don't know if you can help. I am something of a virgin in the whole family tracing thing, but am trying to find out information about the Prings who lived in Clayhidon in the 1860s. According to the 1861 census, John Pring, was a farmer at Newcott (in the Parish of Clayhidon), with his wife Jemima, and daughter Miss Mary Pring. Meanwhile Mrs Mary Pring (a widow) was farming at Crockers (also in the Parish) with her two sons and three daughters.

By 1871, Miss Mary Pring (John & Jemima's daughter) was living with her widowed uncle, James Pratt in Ottery St Mary, and her 3 month old son Henry (my great-grandfather). By 1881, Henry (now 11), his baby sister Alice, and Mother Mary (still unmarried) are all in Honiton Workhouse! I suppose questions go something along the lines of:
Do Crockers or Newcott Farms, or any Prings still exist in the Parish?
What relation was Mrs Mary to John (if any)?
Who had his wicked way with Miss Mary, and did she have to leave the village to save shame from falling on the family (melodramatic gasp!) ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance that anyone can offer.
Simon Davis
Reigate, Surrey

My Gt Gt grandfather was Emanuel Holway, born in Culmstock in 1826, son on Thomas and Thomasin Holway.. His christening record is mis-spelt holllay. His parents were, I believe, subjected to a Removal Order from Hemyock in 1823, with their children Peter, Betty (Elizabeth?) Thomas and John. Does anyone know about holways in the Culm valley that can add to my researches.

I was in the Culm valley in April 2005, and visited Hemyock. I live in Warwickshire.

Ken Holway

I am always interested in hearing from people about mutual family interests in the Hemyock/Wellington/Taunton areas. My family interests include the surnames Bowerman, Brooke, Clist, Corner, Cridland, Farrant, Gillham, Hill, Hine, Lutley and Quick amongst others.

My great grandparents Henry Farrant and Gertrude (Lear) moved to Canada from Devon/Somerset in about 1908 but kept in touch with family back home through letters and visits back to Devon and Somerset until their deaths in the 1960's. Upon their passing the family contact across the ocean ceased, and I have always wished to partly re-establish it, as well as learn more about the places and people mentioned in our family bible.

Please feel free to visit my web page at http://www.farrant.info/family/family.html
or write me at bill@farrant.info
Bill Farrant

I really liked your site and was very interested to see what is going on in Hemyock now. I'm really interested more in the past. I am trying to find out about my family history, as a bit of a novice I wondered if any of your readers (or is it viewers?) would be able to help me.

My grandfather's name was Sidney Manley (b 1879 in Hemyock), he was one of 13 children of John Manley (b 1830 Hemyock) and Mary (b1837 Pitminster, nee Cosens). Sidney left Hemyock with some of his brothers (Tom, William +? ) to work in the Welsh coalmines. Why was this? I believe John delivered the letters in Hemyock and only had one leg! Is this true?

I would love to hear from anyone who knows this family, as I only know about a few of Sidney's siblings. Did John,his father, have any brothers or sisters? Who were his parents (James?)? Why did John's uncle William live with them in 1881? Also Sidney had a sister, Eva, who was a teacher at the school aged 19, does anyone know who she married? Did she go to Linton? If you have any stories or memories I would be very grateful, as all my older relatives have now died, and it's hard to tell fact from fiction.

About 12 years ago, while on holiday, my father Colin Manley visited Hemyock and had a chance meeting with an old inhabitant, who was a relative and who knew about John. So I am hoping there are still some links around. I would be very grateful for any info, no matter how small, as it all builds into a bigger picture to pass on to my family, here in Kent.

So thanking you in advance,
Jane Baker (nee Manley)

My name is Irene Schurter and I am attempting to contact Christine McEwan Brown who was a very good friend of my late aunt, Lilian M Elliott who was also an active member and parishioner at St Mary's. I have been unable to contact Ms Brown by telephone as the number appears to have changed. It has been several years since I have had contact with Ms Brown and thought perhaps I might be able to trace her whereabouts through St. Mary' s Church as I understand she was a very active member. I am unable to find an email address for St. Mary's Church on this website and thought perhaps you might be of assistance to me in this regard.

I am sending this email from my home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and would appreciate your help in this matter.

with thanks,
Irene Schurter

Hello I was hoping that you may be able to help. I am trying to obtain information about my family tree. My grandfather the late Robert Edward Clist was born in the Hemyock area as was my father Ivor Clist. I have some photos of my great grand parents and one of John and Elizabeth Clist but would appreciate any help you may be able to offer in tracing the family back further.

Richard Clist

I am trying to locate an Elizabeth Buttle, born Hemyock. She was 40 in 1891 (born around 1851). She may have had a brother, Frederick Buttle, born Bathpool, 33 in 1891 (born around 1858). They were both in London at the 1891 census. I cannot find any details of them in 1871 census.

Does anyone have any information?

Mike Mainstone

I saw your website and thought you may be able to help - My father is recently bereaved and he is intending to visit some of the locations that he worked at just after WWII - I know that he worked for Braithwaites installing a tank at the milk separation plant in Hemyock and has fond memories of the village - i think this is because everything was still on ration and while he was there he could get meat and cream.

Would you know of anyone who may have been working at the plant at this time or a source of information about the village during and after this period It is our intention to drive down sometime in August and I would be happy to buy you a drink in return

Linda Davies

Could you post a message on your website asking for information about my ancestors who lived in Hemyock ? I have traced them back and have found that they seemed to have lived in Hemyock for many generations but came here `South Wales to work in the Mines after the 1881 census, they are the Bennett family, Joseph and Phoebe, Phoebe was also a Bennett before marriage. I believe she died before 1880.

They are on the 1851 census as living at Toogoods Cottage I have an ordnance survey map of Hemyock 1880, could anyone tell me the whereabouts of the Cottage. Other members of the Bennett family are named Thomas/Sarah, Henry/Sarah, 1820s. Also the Willis family all farm workers of the area. I would be glad for any information little or small.

One more thing, The Photograph in one of the Hemyock Books that shows the Coronation Committee 1902 sat around the Water pump, anyone knows the name of the gentleman sat second from the right with the white straw boater hat ?

Thank you,
Graham Bennett

Hi there I am trying to trace two of the Lutley clan, the Wivilsecombe and the Hemyock branch any info I will be very grateful for however little or small

Susan Cole

Can anyone help?

The main person in question is my grandmother who has now passed away. Her name was Hilda Maud Hill at birth born in Clayhidon in 1911. her father was William Hill born 1879 in Lemons Hill, Hemyock and her mother Emma / Emily Jane Chard Goldsworthy born 1880 in Higher Hill, Clayhidon.

Her mother died when Hilda was 7 at the time they were living at Too Goods, Hemyock.

Her father William died pulling the church bells at Culmstock when she was 10. She never spoke of who she lived with after this and she always maintained that she didn't know her parents?

We visited Hemyock, Clayhidon and Culmstock on Sunday (as we do not live to far away ) and looked around the churches for grave stones etc but couldn't find anything I expect they were to poor for a headstone! but any information about this family would be gratefully appreciated.

yours sincerely