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Tracing Family History

If you wish to contact someone in the Hemyock area or you are researching your family history then please e-mail us and we will post your message here.  For older postings see here


Looking for history of John Jewell Collier 1767/68.  I believe from long line of Colliers and moved to London.  In the line there was a marriage of John Greenslade to Sarah Collier.  All lived in Culmstock.

Kind regards
Linda Jennings


I am trying to untangle my family history. My 2x great grandmother Elizabeth Wright was born out of wedlock to Mary Wright in 1821, Elizabeth left Hemyock and married John Jones in Raddington Somerset in 1850.

In 1861 Mary Wright is living with John and Miriam Hart on Coombe Hill and in 1871 with her sister Agnes and Robert Broom also on Coombe Hill. She is listed then as weak minded. Mary’s mother was Bridget Hart (1774-1837) who married William Wright (1771-1832) who was from Luppitt.  Bridget’s parents were John Hart (1732-1799) and Bridget Rosewell (1734-1794) who was from Churchstaton.

The family seem to be stonemasons. I wondered if anyone had any information on Mary and Elizabeth Wright or anything else that seems helpful.

Thank you for reading this
Myra Newton


I am seeking further information relating Peter Holway, father of Elizabeth Holway/Wright. Elizabeth Holway/Wright was born in Hemyock about 1828. Married to John Wright on 26/11/1850 Wellington, fathers name shown on the marriage certificate.

Elizabeth’s mother was Betty/Elizabeth Holway. (She appears on the Holcombe Rogue census of 1860 age 80 born Churchstanton)

Johanna Williams


Research into my Hagley family roots have proved to be confusing so thought I’d try a different approach. I was once told that there was a Hagley family in Hemyock sometime in the first half of the 1900s and maybe they were there well before that. There were Hagleys at Hockworthy mid 1840s (my line) and I’ve met other Hagleys but none seem to be linked. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Christine Jones


I spent over 2 weeks in southwest England and asked around regarding my 8th great-grandfather, Thomas Linthicum (probably Linscombe in England).  Are there any families with this surname still living in the area?  (Records show Thomas Linscombe as being baptised on 10th April 1636, in Hemyock) 

Bernadette Kelly


I am interested in Dr Henry Manley (1792-1891) and his wife Mary Wood (about 1818-1908). I don’t have a marriage date but, their first son was born in 1844. They emigrated to Canada in 1847. I’ve been told that the Manley family estate was called Millhayes and the Wood family estate called Churchill. It is possible that their son John Wickliffe Manley returned to England and sold the Manley estate in the late 1800s. Henry’s parents were likely Henry Manley and Margaret Hine; his paternal grandfather, John Manley. I have no information on Mary’s parents or her exact birth date. In addition to their genealogy I would be interested in knowing more about Dr Henry Manley’s medical training.

Emily Coles


Hi, Anyone with any knowledge of the Pook family going back to the 1600s please email me

James Pook


I am researching my Waldron Family History and have got back to my 3x great grandparents who married in Exeter in 1812 (William Waldron & Winifred Kelland). Their first two children were baptized in Exeter, their third & fourth in Nymet Tracey, Bow. I know that in the 17th/18th centuries there was a substantial Waldron Family based in Hemyock & surrounding parishes. If anyone knows of this Family and would be willing to share their knowledge I would appreciate it.

Les Waldron


I am searching for information on my Great Grandfather who was baptised at the Anglican Church Hemyock in 1835, his name was Thomas Edward Harris also his father was Thomas Harris.  I am seeking more information about his mother and other family members as this has been a brick wall.  He settled here in New Zealand and married but never gave his mother's name on the marriage certificate on his death.  I would be grateful for any information.

Kind regards,
Robin Harris


I am Marc Lutley, living in Johannesburg, South Africa. Myself and my sister are the last of the line along with my father Peter Lutley.

Marc Lutley / Tamara Lutley
Father Peter Lutley / Mother Charmaine Matthews Lutley
Grandfather John Farrant Lutley / Grandmother Ida Lorraine MacWilliam

His Father Edward Lutley and his wife Lily Winnifred Shuttleworth.  He was the 7th generation Edward Lutley and we trace straight back to Whitehall.  I am looking for any help to try and trace my Great Grand Father's Family tree as I am trying to apply for my ancestor visa for Myself and My sister.  We are under extreme pressure in South Africa due to the political situation and great threat to the European settles here with the new Government.

I also have a family tree of my Grandmothers line Shuttleworth.

Warmest Regards
Marc Lutley


I am Michael Fry from Queensland, Australia and will be visiting your town in May 2020. My gggggg grandfather was Angel Fry born in 1725 around Culmstock and he married Elizabeth Hine born around 1725 of Hemyock on 27/02/1749. Their son John Fry married Sarah Dinham (Trickely) 24/8/1793 in the same area and so it goes down to me.

I would love to receive any information anyone has on my family.
Thanks in advance.
Michael Fry


I would like to connect with anyone researching the family of Adrian Morgan born in 1776 at Hemyock and married Sarah Manley there in 1796. In particular I would be interested in Adrian’s ancestors as my research is stuck at him.

Keith Thornton


I came across your website while resarching my family tree.

In the 1911 census, I have William Ridgway living with his family at Thornbar, Hemyock. But I can no information on Thornbar. Do you know if it was the name of a cottage or farm near the village?

Any information would be gratefully received

Andrew Radgick


Ellises Farm, Hemyock

On my Grandmothers birth certificate dated 10th March 1893 it shows Ellises Farm – Hemyock as her birth place.  Her name on the certificate is LOTTIE HOLLEY and her parents JOSEPH & ELIZA HOLLEY.  He is shown as an Agricultural Labourer and was born around 1860 – so 31 at the time.  Presumably they were living in Ellises Farm accommodation at the time. Can anyone substantiate that Ellises provided accommodation if necessary, and if so do the buildings still stand today?

Many thanks,
Andrew Riley – Maternal Grandson


Has anyone got info on the ancestors of Edward Lutley, Hemyock's Lord of the Manor and Mary Blackmore who are my great....grandparents in the early 1800's. I am in Ancestry and have made an extensive family tree but there are gaps on the Blackmore and their marriage partners side. 

My son seems to think there is a connection on the Blackmore side through the Hickman/Locke families to the Plantagents. 

Has anyone found any similar Royalty connections for these families?

I live in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire and have very many southern England family connections (my DNA result said I was 91% English which confirms my English family tree researches on Ancestry)

Hope someone can help
Thank you.
Alan Middleton


Hi, I have been thinking of my grandmother a lot lately her Name was Eva Sarah Doble, she worked in what was called The Big House as a maid. As we are coming to Minehead this weekend to have a look for this Big House and to see if there is any family left there. If you can help my sister and I, we would be very grateful

Val Evans


Hi my name is Jenny Reed from Australia my grandmother was May Hembrow. I am visiting Hemyock next week to trace ancestors. I would be happy to meet up with anyone to discuss if they are available. I think there are some Hembrow graves there.

Regards Jenny


Should any one have any information on the Leaworthy family, please email me.

Many thanks
Gillian Dean


I'm current tracing my wife's family and looking for details of a Henry Hitchcock baptised in Hemyock some rime between 1783-1791. Married an Ann (possibly Shepherd). Later Henry was a Blacksmith in Taunton High Street between approx 1807-1836. Any information gratefully received.

Nic Corry


I finally tracked down my ggg-grandfather, William Strong (1776-1858), who was born and baptised in Holcombe Rogus. His son John was born in Culmstock in 1821. He moved to Chepstow some time before 1848, when he married my gg-grandmother there. I have not made much progress in tracing William’s wife, Sarah Wynne, who was born c1788 in Burlescombe and married William there in 1806. They first lived in Culmstock and later moved to Westleigh. My new e-mail is tvj163@outlook.com

Dr Trevor Jennings


Hello, I am from Australia and hoping for information on my Hemyock ancestors.

Robert Thomas (abt 1821 in Hemyock) married Elizabeth Trenchard (abt 1824 in Clayhidon).  Their children are Henry 1846, John 1849, James 1852, William 1855, Samuel 1858, Thomas (Tom) 1858 ?  In 1965 Henry Thomas (1846 in Wellington, Somerset) emigrated to Australia on the ship Peeress.  He married Louisa Elliott (1844 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire) in Marden South Australia in 1869.

I am hoping to find out the parents of both Robert Thomas and Elizabeth Trenchard.

Kindest regards
Sandra McPherson


I have a John Manfield (3 x Ggrandfather) whom I know was born in Devonshire, but but I don't know the place, in about 1809. He married Harriet Kirby Lassam in Bramley, Surrey in 1833. Sometime between he must have moved from Devon to Surrey. I have been given a lead that there are Manfields from Hemyock. Does anyone have any information?

Many thanks
Graham Horn


Robert Manley Born 1798 Hemyock, that's as far back as I can get and have hit a brick wall, who were his parents...?

I know he married Tammy Moore in 1821 in Churchstanton
He was resident at Biscombe Farm from 1826 - 1834
From 1839 - 1891 he was at Valentines Farm, Clayhidon and employed 2 men and a boy as labourer's on 161 acres.
He died March 1866 in Churchstanton and was buried at St Peter & St Paul Church

If anyone can help it would be really appreciated
Ron Manley


Hi, I am from Australia and am trying to trace any parish records or local history for my ancestor William Searle born in Hemyock in 1831. More particularly his siblings and parents Thomas Searle and Mary Watson.

Many thanks
Rod Searle


I am looking for information pertaining to my Great-Grandfather William Henry Ellis, Born 1860. In the 1911 census he is listed simply as "Henry" at age 51; this was how he chose to be addressed. My Grandfather is Victor Hutchins Ellis.

Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

Best regards,


I am interested in contacting the Salter family who lived in Hemyock c.1950. My mother was brought up by a Sarah Jane (?), mother of Rose Salter who was the wife of M A Salter. They had a daughter Heather and a son, Ronald and they lived in Egypt House.

Grateful for any information.
Valerie (nee Mills) Wood


I'm searching for my ancestoral grandfather, William Wilmington 1648-1713 who married Mellony ? 1647-1715. Are you able find me Mellony's surname please?

Thank you,
Marlene Hoskin, Australia


I am in Australia, so unfortunately cannot come and visit in person.

I am trying to find the birth mother of an ancestor, whom I believe may have died in childbirth or soon after. I have the civil record but I am hoping there might be a little more information in the parish record to confirm my theory.

I have the birth of William ELLIS b. Jul-Sep 1839 and, the death of Harriet ELLIS d. Jul-Sep 1839

I am wondering if there are any parish records of either of these events?  The husband I am hoping for is John ELLIS. I believe John and Harriet were married in Hemyock in 1836 and I am hoping they stayed in the parish.

I believe William was in the Parish in the 1841 census, but staying with another family.  John remarried and emigrated to Australia with his second wife and son William in 1853.

I thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer.
Warm regards,
Chel Indikt


I believe a James Tuck was my great great grandfather. I found on the census the 1840 census that there was a James Tuck married to an Elizabeth and they had children - well children in the house - Elizabeth, Henry, Sarah, Mary, William - my great grandfather and Deborah. There was also a Henry Tuck who by age seems to be James's father.

As far as my investiagtions go I think William my great grandfather married and had daughters but then moved to Monmouth. Henry was a baker. Then it seems that Henry's wife died or they spit. My grandfather told us that his father was a cook on a ship so presume he was baker on a ship but then then Henry appeared again in Llanelli, South Wales where he remarried a woman from up North who had two sons and then went on to have two more sons - one being my grandfather - William. I have come across people on one of the websites who are related through his first wife but do not know anything about how/why he moved or what happened to his first wife etc. I do know that one of the daughters through his first wife ran off to join a circus.

If you know anything I would be pleased to know.

I am at some point intending to visit Hemyock - how would i go about looking at records?



I'm doing research into my family tree and history on My Mother's side of the Family.  I have now got back to a Henry Thomas who Married a Margret Bere on the 20th Sept 1773 in Hemyock.  I believe he is also buried there 23rd Dec 1821 Hemyock.  I'm trying to find more information of his birth (parents etc), and any information on the family.  They (Henry and Margret) had several children: James, Mary, Sarah, Joan and Margret, who were all baptised in Hemyock.  Any information of the family, where they lived (house, street etc), worked, married.  Any old maps of the time, records of the time.  Does the Church hold any such records of the Births, Weddings, Baptisms, Deaths?

My grandmother was a Lucy Thomas (Born 1900) born several generations after.  Me, I'm a David Alec White (Born 1948).

Any help/info in pointing me in the right direction would be gratefully appreciated.
Yours sincerely
David A White


I am looking for help in locating any HEMBROW from Hemyock. Other related names are: MASEY, SALMON, HINE, HICKS

Robert Hembrow b 1801 married Mary Masey

Children Mary 1823, Sarah 1924, James 1826, Charles, Mary 1830, Joan 1823, Robert 1835.

Thank you
Jan Whelan


I am tracing the Ackland-Spiller-Holway families, and am trying to “paint” the background to their lives. Recently I summarised and graphed the total number of burials (all families) as recorded in the Hemyock Parish Registers. There seem to be peaks every 7 years or so, with the most burials taking place in 1808 (33) and 1834 (35) – 1834 was a particularly “bad” year with 14 burials of children and babies. Has anyone any information about the periodicity of disease which would account for the variations, or even better, does anyone know what caused the peaks and the terrible loss of young life in 1834?

I am also interested in the Culm Davy Brickworks, c. 1870 – 1890.

Any information or leads on both topics gratefully received!

Jo Winfield


Hi, I am looking for any information on the Salter Family. My Mother's family lived in Somerset and Devon for generations. My 4G Grand parents were George Salter and Elizabeth Marks. I believe Elizabeth was a widow who already had two children, Thomas and Mary, and then went on to have Fred William & Ann, Ann married (Charles William Billing) aka Elias William Billing.

I am looking for information on Elizabeth Marks I have no idea what her maiden name was I know she was born in Clayhidon Devon but lived in Hemyock next door to the Salter Family. Also George’s parent James and Sarah Salter

I would be grateful for any information

Thanks, Elaine


Sarah Blackmore and John Goldsworthy - married 21 June 1810.
I think I am descended from Sarah Blackmore (not through John Goldsworthy though).

She had a bbs, James, born in Churchstanton in 1807 and he is my grandfather x3. Can anyone help me find my grandmother x4, Sarah. I would love to know my Devon relatives.

Thank you
Wendy Howard


Clarification of Kingston Russell.  I am researching my link with the Russell family of Hemyock, Devon.   I have seen warnings about erroneous data concerning exactly which branch of the Russell family is from Kingston Russell versus other branches.  My ancestors start with Elizabeth Russell (1475 - about 1530) of Hemyock, who married John Bourman (1471-1550) of Hemyock.   I would really appreciate any help I can get!

Denise McCormick


Hello, I have traced an ancestor, Samuel Moore, back to Hemyock. I believe he was baptised on 12th June 1803. I have his parents as George and Ann, but have nothing further about them. Any light anyone could shed on them, and if possible previous generations of the family, would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much,
Marie-Claire Robson


Hello - I wonder if you could let me know if there is a record of a Sarah Blackmore baptised in that area of Devon around 1810. In the 1851 census at Taunton she is recorded as being baptised in Devon .

With thanks for your help,
Tony Mountstephens
Sydney, Australia


I am trying to find info on a John Goldsworthy who married Keziah Lee in 1844 at Clayhidon.

I believe he was a carpenter and his father was also called John and a carpenter.

Terry Reynolds


Looking for information on the parents of Isaac Hart (B: 1783 Hemyock)

I believe Isaac's parents were named John (died in Hemyock) and Annie.

Isaac, the son, must have left Hemyock between 1900 and 1907 and immigrated to the USA. If so, what major port would have passengers heading to the USA left from, considering they were residing in Hemyock?

Is there any Census from Hemyock that indicates an Isaac Hart as a child between 1783 and 1907?


James Hart


James Tuck is my 4x great grandfather. He married Mary Salway on 12th May 1800 in Dunkeswell, but Dorothy, John, William and Elizabeth, their children were all born in Hemyock. I know the Tuck family was a well known name in Hemyock, and I would be grateful if anyone can confirm whether he was born in the parish. I guess a likely date would be about 1775.

Thank you,
Sheila Molland


I am trying to trace the parents of Elizabeth Moon b. 1783 in Hemyock.  I know that Elizabeth married John Hicks in Pitminster, Somerset in 1809. I have no details of the Moon family.  If anyone can help please contact me.

Thank you


Hi, I would like to know if anyone has a record of John Burrough born/baptised c. 1840 Hemyock, Devon, England. Son of Elizabeth with siblings Eliza c. 1834 and Jane c. 1837 information gleaned from the 1841 Census of Hemyock. John went on to marry Mary ? born c.1839 Culmstoke Devon, England.

I am try to find if there is any connection between my Burroughs who emanated from Farway Devon and a friend who lives in France who is descended from John.

Ted Evans


My g-g-g-grandparents Thomas Marks and Joan Trickey were married in Hemyock on 18th April 1786. I would be grateful for any information about Joan, when and where she was born and the names of her parents.

Dean Burrows


I have been tracing the history of the Furze family who appear to have moved from Devon to Somerset in the 1840s.

One of these Furzes was born in Hemyock in 1811. He died in 1897 in Thorne St Margaret in Somerset and was an agricultural labourer and later a shepherd. I would love to know his exact date of birth and any details of who his parents were. If you have any information in your archives I would be most interested.

Many Thanks
Jim Doman


I am trying to get information on Richard Serle who married Elizabeth Bryant on 22 May 1723 in Hemyock. I believe that Richard's father may have been a John Serle.

Thanks for any interest shown.

Dave Stamp


I am looking for information about my gt gt gt grandparents John and Grace Wood both born abt 1804 who come from Culmstock & Boscombe? (having difficulty reading transcript) Devon, they migrated to Australia with their seven children in 1849.

Would be most appreciative for any information for eg Grace's maiden name or John's parents names.

Update - I now think Grace's maiden name was Hollway from Burlscombe married 1824.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.



I am interested in any information about my gt-grandmother Mary Jane Ackland, who was born in Hemyock 1871. Her father was Thomas Ackland (shown as Acland) who is noted in the 1880 census as being the manager of the brickworks - is there any information about where the brickworks were located? The family are shown as living at Thornknap or Thorn Knap - does that have any current relevance? In the earlier census Thomas was an agricultural labourer.

I am travelling to UK from Australia in April 2012 and am interested in walking around Hemyock esp any areas of family significance. Thanks for your help



My wife is trying to trace some of the Browning Family. Namely:

Henry Browning b 1677 Hemyock, married Susanna Hodge, marriage 17 May 1704 in Hemyock.

Can anybody please help with further family details?

Ken White


Hello, I am researching the Lowman family and have traced James Lowman on the 1841 Census living in Hemyock with his wife Mary and their four children. I would be interested if anyone has information on the Lowman family.

Julia Greenway


Regarding my previous enquiry about my g-g-grandfather, John Strong. The 1841 census shows that he was living in Culmstock, up the road from you. His parents William and Sarah and his sister, Ann were also living there. Does anyone have access to Culmstock Parish records? Otherwise I shall enquire of Devon GRO.

Kind regards,
Trevor Jennings (Dr)


I am trying to trace a Job Morgan married in Hemyock, the date given was 20/09/1773. Unfortunately it didn’t give the name of his wife. I wonder if anyone else might be researching the Hemyock branch of the Morgan family tree and could give me this information, plus any children they might have had?

Kind regards,


I am looking for any info on:
Thomas Radford  c1500-60
Nicholas Radford  c1530-90
George Radford married Marie Cullhampton  died 29/8/1670
Nicholas Radford married Jane   died 1643

Alan Radford living in London is trying to build an info site that will connect all the Radfords to one man in England.  He says "that my specific line of Radfords comes from a Thomas Radford of Hemyock c1500-60"

Helen Williams (Radford)


I wonder if anyone can help me. I am researching the Manley family and have got back as far as Elias Manley. As an adult he lived in Bovey Tracey but was born of Isaac Manley & Mary Smith in 1777 in Hemyock. Does anyone know if Isaac was born in Hemyock or was he born in Stafford which is what I am led to believe. I am also interested whether Isaac had any brothers or sisters.

Thank you
Helen Field


I am researching my family tree and have found a letter from an auntie with the address 47 Eastlands, Hemyock.  The letter was dated 11/12/1990 and signed Elvina and Frank. Unfortunately I can't remember their surname although I know Elvina's maiden name was Sanford and that she was born in Stoke St Gregory Somerset.  Can anyone help?

Patricia Sanford


I was wondering if you will be able to help me.  My 4th great grandfather was born in Hemyock in 1789, he married Tammy Moore in 1821 in Churchstanton, they had eight children and he was a a farmer at Valentines Farm.  Just hoping you might have any details on him within your records.

Kind Regards
Ron Manley


Since retiring from teaching mathematics at Bedford School I have been researching my family tree. My gt-gt-grandfather's birthplace appears in several different forms in the various censuses:

Buttercome, Devon (1851), Churlscomb, Devon (1861), Meok(?), Somerset (1871) and Wellington, Somerset (1881).

It has been suggested to me by a friend, who lives in Holcombe Rogus, that 'Meok' might refer to Hemyock.  At any rate it seems that I should be looking along the Devon/Somerset border.

The above information all comes from the census returns for Mathern, a small village just west of Chepstow, where John Strong spent most of his life farming, and died there in 1887, aged 68.

If anyone can enlighten me about any of the above names (apart from Wellington) I would be most grateful.
Many thanks,
Trevor Jennings (Dr)


Seeking information on the name Rigglesfoot, which seems to be associated with Hemyock in some way, the reason for my interest is that a branch of my family in the 1600's were using this spelling when living in Throwley, Kent.

I would appreciate any help you can provide,
Robert Rigarlsford
(before 1765 Rigglesford spelling used)


We have traced the Bowerman / Rowe families back to Cullompton and Tiverton, now understand the Bowermans may go back to the Hemyock or Clayhidon area - does any one have these names in their family tree?

Thank you
Maggie Rallings


I'm looking for any information in regards to the Board family of Hemyock. My great grandmother Ann Board, known as Annie, was born in Hemyock in 1863, she married Thomas Willis of Combe Martin, where she died in 1918. Her parents were Henry and Jane. Any information would be great.

Many Thanks


I am trying to trace Trenchard’s.  My interest at present is with Elizabeth Trenchard, born Hemyock 30 March 1859.  She is my maternal Great Grandmother and I believe her father was J (John? Trenchard) who lived all his life in Hemyock.  I have a small newspaper cutting passed on to me by a cousin which tells of his funeral and who attended although I have no date or the name of the newspaper.  It states that he was 85 when he died.  My Great Grandmother became Elizabeth Mountstephen when she married Samuel Mountstephen.  I think he died young as she is already a widow by the time she is 41.  I would be interested to know more about the Trenchards of Hemyock if anyone has any information.

Helen Kemp


I am trying to find information about my grandmother who has now passed away. Her name was Hilda Maud Hill at birth, born in Clayhidon in 1911. Her father was William Hill born 1879 in Lemons Hill, Hemyock and her mother Emma / Emily Jane Chard Goldsworthy born 1880 in Higher Hill, Clayhidon.

Her mother died when Hilda was 7 and at the time they were living at Too Goods, Hemyock.

Her father William died pulling the church bells at Culmstock when she was 10. She never spoke of who she lived with after this and she always maintained that she didn't know. I would love to hear from anyone who knew her or the people she lived any clues would be much appreciated.

Karen Case


I am trying to find out more about the WOOD family from Hemyock and Culmstock area. I am also interested in KELLAND family. Henry KELLAND was a blacksmith in the area in mid 1800's.

Many thanks

Mark Ellerby


Hi, I am tracing the Woods from Hemyock.  Any more connections would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Simone Gerrard


I am tracing the Marks family and my great grandfather Samuel Marks was born in Hemyock and in 1851 lived at Great Simons Burrow. I believe his father were William Marks was born in Clayhidon in 1805 and Sarah Marks born Burlescombe 1813 was his mother. I would love to hear anything about them or their children. Any information would be great.

Many thanks
Jenny Bourke nee Marks


Please can you help? I came to Hemyock a few years ago as my late father was from Devon and I found out that my grandfather Robert Trickey was born in Hemyock and he married Edith Mary Salter.  If anyone has any information on the families living or passed on please could they contact me.

Thank you
Jo Graves (nee Trickey)


I am trying to trace a Arthur Townsend Lutley who I believe grew up in Hemyock at Whitehall Farm, Hemyock, Devon. Son of Edward (Farmer) and Emily Lutley. He was born in 1882 5th of their 8 children.

My interest lies in an ongoing study of the 1/5th Bn., Devonshire Regiment. Arthur Lutley served with the Bn for a unknown period of time in 1917 as the Bn Intelligence Officer. He was wounded on November 12th 1917 at / or near Browns Hill, South of Burkah in Palestine.

Todate I have found it very difficult to find anything more about him. I would really appreciate any local knowledge with respect to Arthur Lutley or indeed any other local ties to the 1/5th Devons.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
Best Regards
Dave Dycher (Hong Kong)


I have traced my family to WORTHINGTON PERRY who lived in Hemyock between 1821 and 1905.  His father was William Perry (c1796) who married Sarah Chard (c1801).  His father was Henry Perry (c1775) who married Sarah Moon (c1775).  Her father and mother were John Moon (c1750) and Mary Bennett (c1750).

Any information would be wonderful.  I have only found one grave to a Henry Moon who died on March 5th 1908 and no PERRY even though WORTHINGTON died in the workhouse.  Worthington's son moved to Cardiff, South Wales and is my mother's grandfather.

Looking forward to hearing from you
Sarah Chapman


Hello I am trying to trace my maternal grand mothers family. Her name was Vera Clist Born 1908. Her father was William Stone Clist he was born in 1882,  Hemyock. I think he was a Blacksmith. He married abt 1908,  Sarah Ann Short also of Hemyock.  My grandmother married Albert Perry, they spent most of their lives in Tiverton, Devon.

it would be great if anyone can help.
Thank you
Best regards
Denise Clarke (nee Priscott)


I have been researching my fathers family and have got back to my great great grandfather William Clements (1815 - 1891) who I believe owned Bowerhayes Farm. He married Ann Bishop and his fathers name may have been John.

Any more information about the Clements or the Bishops would be  appreciated.



I am helping a distant relative, of mine who lives in Australia, research the Holway family tree.

So far I have traced part of her family back to the Holways in Hemyock and found two sisters Elizabeth (1817) married John Spiller in 1842 and Jane married Thomas Joseph Bailey on 3 Oct 1866 in Farmborough, S'set. Their son Harry married Mary Jane Ackland (also born in Hemlock 1870) who was the granddaughter of Elizabeth Holway and John Spiller!

Harry and Mary Jane emigrated some time between 1908 and 1916.

I have found the parents of the Holway sisters to be James Holway (1794 Hemyock) and Mary Marshall (1796 Hemyock) but then I am at an impasse with the Holway line as there are two James' born in Hemyock in 1794 one to James and Mary (ch'd 12/10/94) and the other to William and Sarah (ch'd 5/1/94)

So what I am asking is please does anyone have information on James' parents or which one may have died as there appears to be only one surviving up to and beyond 1841.  There are census returns for James and his wife Mary up to 1861 and James was still alive for the '71 census.

Thank you,
Tony Thompson


I am tracing the MARKS family, Hemyock, Clayhidon, Dunkeswell, Wellington, N & S Petherton and all surrounding areas of Devon and Somerset. Any information greatly received.

Philip Ray


I am researching my Family tree for John and Ann Browning, John was born 1823 Hemyock, Ann was born 1824 Ashculm, Hemyock,The 1871 census shows an address as 36 Combe Hill, Their children were, Emma, born1852, Sarah, born 1855, John, born 1858, The connection to my family is Emma Browning. Can anyone help in my search?

Regards John M Hobbs


Thomas Morgan

Trying to trace a Thomas Morgan born abt1833 and died before 1879, he had a daughter Isabella who married a John Farmer. Thomas married either a Elizabeth or Rachel Barnard, Can any one help please!!

Maureen Bracken


Hitchcock Family

I am looking for any information on a John Hitchcock born abt 1790 in we think Hemyock or close by. He had a son William born 1823 who married a Sidwell Aplin in 1846 at which time they were living in Sheldon. He is proving really difficult to track down so any help of any kind would be very gratefully received.

Maureen Bracken


i was wondering if you would be able to help me. I am the son of richard albert jackson and i was wondering if anyone would be able to let me know if he is still living in hemyock.,

If he does would anyone be able to pass on my message of contacting me

my phone number is 07886835054

Kind regards
Alec Jackson


seeking info and photos of pring/north family.

JAMES PRING born Hemyock in 1794 married ANN BROWN. 11 july 1821 in Culmstock.

son JOHN BROWN PRING bon 1825 hemyock died 1884 aged 59 never married.
daughter ELIZABETH ANN PRING born 1829, married EDWARD NORTH of chuchstanton, they married 1854 in wellington. Their children , ELIZABTH ANN NORTH born 1857, EDWARD J NORTH born 1866, EVA NORTH born 1872.

ELIZABETH ANN NORTH married TOM TOWNSEND in wellington 1884. ELIZABETH ANN died 1897 in wincanton, aged 40.

Their children tom ashley, harry j, florence m, albert e, edith anni

EVA NORTH lived with tom and elizabeth and in 1900 they lived in hanham.bristol, tom married sister inlaw eva about 1900 and had 4 children. dolly, hilda, arthur, elsie. all died in hanham bristol.

many thanks to anyone with info,


I am trying to trace Hannah Hine born about 1800 in Clayhidon, Devon who married James Sellars, corn miller of Mellcombe Mill, North Petherton in 1822.  Any information gratefully received.

Debbie Roberts


Tracing the Moore Family - If anybody has information on the following I should be very grateful to hear from them.

Samuel Moore, 1863c, Mary Moore, 1872c, Maria Moore, 1878c

Their father was Samuel Moore of Churchstanton. Their mother was Mary Moore, her maiden name not known. Mary was born in Hemyock.  Samuel Moore (the son) became a Sergeant in the Royal Artillery, and served many years in Malta, Other siblings John (born 1848c) and Sarah (born 1855c) were both born in Churchstanton, and George (born 1850c) and William (born 1853c) were born in Upottery.

If you have any information please contact David Hatch, either by email adnamshatch@btinternet.com or phone 07753 822768 and I will call you back.


To Pat O'Brien:
Hopefully you are still monitoring this site. Your last message was in 2006. I am researching the Morgan family and have considerable information to share including Adrian Morgan.
Have we communicated before? I can't recall.
Keith Thornton (Ontario, Canada)


I have undertaken considerable research into the MANLEY family in Wales whose ancestors originated in the Hemyock area. I am interested to know of any local family history group who would have information about them.

I understand for instance that in the mid 1800's the Innkeeper was a Manley as were the Butcher and other traders in the village. Could you please put me in contact with anyone who may have pictures, records or any other useful information.

Many thanks,
Bryan Bladon


My ancestor Richard Hurtnell (later family spelled it Hartnell) born 1696 in Hemyock married Joanne Bishop in Clayhidon 1718.  Am 
interested in any other family members, especially those relating to the Bishop name as Bishop keeps popping up as a first name in the Hartnell line.

thanks, Maryed


There has been an enquiry from a past Hemyock resident searching for Judith Hannaford whose father ran a butcher's business at Bridge House during the 1950/60. Judith, and her sister Ruth, attended Tiverton Grammar School and along with their father, CJ, sang in St Mary's church choir. If you have any idea of where Judith or Ruth can be contacted please tel 01823 680352 or email jbawler1947@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks, Janice Bawler


I am hoping to find some information about the Hitchcock family in the 18th Century in the Hemyock area.

In 1807 William Lawrence married Kezia "Hiscock" at West Monkton, the only Kezia I can find to fit the date is Kezia Hitchcock born in Hemyock in 1783 the daughter of Jacob Hitchcock and Eleanor ( Manley ) married in 1768. As there seem to be many Hitchcocks in the area during that century and Kezia appears to be a popular name I wonder whether anyone can help put me on the right track. 
The witnesses at the marriage of William and Kezia are Robert (Mary) and Elizabeth Southey.

Any morsels gratefully received.

Norna Taylor, Cornwall


I am coming from Australia to England in Late April 2008 and will be coming to visit Hemyock, where I understand my Great Great Grandfather was born. 

He was Thomas HANCOCK (1821-1901) and I understand he died nearby in Dunkeswell.  He married Hannah BUTTLE (1826-1901) who I believe was born in Yarcombe. Her parents were John BUTTLE and Hannah BOARD who married in 1818.  Thomas Hancock's parents were William HANCOCK (born 1794) and Mary DYER.

Thomas Hancock's son, William Hancock (1851-1944) was born in Wellington Somerset, and later moved out of the area, first to Yorkshire and finally to Sussex.  He married Emily HERRIN (1963-1904

I would appreciate any information  (to maccabruce@optusnet.com.au) on the HANCOCK, and BUTTLE families in and around Hemyock.

Thank You
Bruce MacCarthy


I am tracing my family tree.  I have gone back to my GGGGGGrandfather who was Hezekiah Macey born in 1730,he married Sarah Parsons in 1751.  The next generation was his son James Macey of Hemyock who was born in 1754, he married Betty Salter in 1779.  I wonder if anybody else is tracing the same family tree?        

The next generation moved to West Buckland in Somerset.  I wonder are there any Macey's still living in these two places?

Alan Macey, Dorset


I am trying to find out more infomation on the Blackmore family.

I have John Blackmore born 1790 married to Elizabeth Ackland born 1801, living in Hemyock from 1841 Census at Jewels Farm.  I have justed Visited Hemyock and found their grave in St Mary's church yard which was a great surpise.  They had about 12 Children, some of whom moved to Cardiff, where my husbands family live now.  John and Elizabeth where my husband's gt gt gt grandparents. Any infomation about this family would come as a great help.

Thank you
Sandra Caveney


I was wondering if anyone may know of my fathers mother Lucy Salter. She was known as Doll as she looked like a doll when born. There is quite a big family some dead some alive I believe. Her father was George Salter and mother was Lucy Palk. Lucy married a William Henry Hill In Pontypool and then settled in Herefordshire. If anyone would like to get in to get in contact I would be most appreciative.

Gail Tomlinson (nee Hill)


My great grandmother, Elizabeth Manfield (known as Betsy) was baptised at Hemyock in 1835. By 1851 she had moved to Creech St Michael in Somerset where she married Samuel Finch, had 15 children and remained there for the rest of her long life. Her parents, Samuel Manfield and Sarah Stamp, married at Hemyock in 1819 and her grandparents, Samuel Manfield and Thomasin Manning, married there in 1775. Among Elizabeth’s siblings, Thomasin married John Berry and Dinah married Henry Buttle.

Elizabeth’s father, Samuel Manfield, died July 1862 when he fell off a hay cart as reported in the Wellington Weekly News, 7 August 1862. The Manfield family can be traced back to the 1600s in the Hemyock parish registers and a Lawrence Manfild, Mason was one of the people who certified the value of the properties lost in the Hemyock fire of 1693. (Other early spellings of Manfield are Manfeild and Manfill.) A picture of Elizabeth (Betsy) can be seen on my Web site http://homepage.ntlworld.com/alanla/Index.htm

I am happy to provide further information on the Manfield family in Hemyock

Judith Lawrence


Can anyone help me?

I am trying to trace the parents of my ggg grandparents, John and Elizabeth Trenchard, who farmed at Culm Davy at least from 1819 (the date of their daughter Ann's birth) to at least 1827 (when their daughter Susanna was born). My gg grandfather William was their son, born in 1823. He married Lydia Dimond of Upottery in 1844 at Otterford. All their children were baptized in Hemyock (St Mary's). Also I have reason to believe that my family were non-conformists - Baptists (?) and later Plymouth Brethren. I should like to know whether it is possible that members of non-conformist chapels had their children baptized in the local Anglican church for the sake of getting the name down in an official record.

Thanks for your help
Fred Trenchard


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