Welcome to Hemyock Saturday, July 21 2018 @ 12:21 pm BST

Welcome to Hemyock

Hemyock is the largest village on the Blackdown Hills, which is now designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The parish has an area of about 2350 hectares, and lies on the NW of the Blackdown Hills.

The village boasts a wide variety of clubs and activities to suit all ages and requirements - from bowls and tennis to WI and religious meetings.

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Hemyock Parish Council

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Parish Council The Parish Council is planning to install a Visitor Information Board in the village car park. One of the panels will be a map of the village with photos and descriptions of points of interest. The map shown here is only a draft, the final version will be professionally designed by Ken White Signs of Tiverton. We welcome any comments about the draft and any ideas for additional points of interest to be included. This panel will be 1.2m x 0.84m ( 3ft 11in x 2ft 10in). Please email any comments to the parish clerk.
Many thanks

Hemyock Parish Council

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Parish Council
HEMYOCK TOMORROW is a vision for the future which outlines our priorities for the next five years. It has been prepared by the community for the community:

Hemyock Parish Council

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Parish Council

Come along to the Annual Parish Meeting - Friday 27th April, 7pm -Parish Hall.

Meetingopens at 7pm with displays around the hall and the formal presentations start at 7.30pm.

Cheese & Wine.

Everyone welcome.

Repair Cafe

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General News Next Repair Cafe - Saturday 26th May 10-12 noon

Don't miss The Amazing Film of Hemyock

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General News

Go and see The Amazing Film of Hemyock and you will find it it not only amazingly well filmed but fascinating and absorbing and amusing in equal measure.
There are even quite a few well known Clayhidon faces in it.
I must admit that the thought of two hours watching life in Hemyock over the last seven years didnt sound that riveting, but it truly was.