Community Land

Next year, as part of a 106 legal agreement, 7 acres of land will be offered to the parish council.

The parish council hopes the land will:-

  • Be a space that brings families and communities of all ages together
  • Be developed along sustainable and green principles
  • Encourage people to spend time in nature through a good design of the space

The pc intends to create a path from Longmead through the two fields of green open space to link up with the new development, Oak Mount.

With regard to the 7 acres, the parish council invites interested groups/individuals who wish to create a community area within the open space to contact the council.  The council is hoping that groups of like-minded individuals will get together and drive their project forward.  The pc will facilitate and support each group.

If you’ve always wanted an allotment, or wish to create a community orchard, or wildflower meadow, talk to the council about your idea and together we can create a great space for everyone to enjoy.

We have been contacted by Michiel Scribbins who is interested in forming a group to look at the possibility of establishing allotments on the land.  If anyone else is interested in having allotments on the community land and would like to join Michiel, please contact him on email