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Hemyock Parish Council

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Parish Council
HEMYOCK TOMORROW is a vision for the future which outlines our priorities for the next five years. It has been prepared by the community for the community:
Three open meetings were held in late 2015 and early 2016 in order to discuss peopleís concerns and hopes for the future.
This was followed by the establishment of seven working groups consisting of parishioners and parish councillors which met in order to prepare draft versions of the sections presented herein.
Summaries of each groupís reports were presented at the Annual Parish Meeting held on March 29th 2017.
The Parish Council approved the final draft document for circulation to all households in the parish on August 2nd 2017. Feedback on the documentís contents was requested by 15th†September 2017.
A meeting of the seven working groups to consider the feedback from parishioners was held on 29th January 2018.
The final document was completed on 1st March 2018 and presented to the Annual Parish Meeting on 27th April 2018.