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General Hemyock Pictures
Ridgewood from Combe Hill in the Autumn
Views 717
Millhayes and Culm Davy from Ridgewood
Views 689
Cows by the Culmstock Road
Views 689
Ridgewood and Lemon's Hill from Coombe Hill
Views 725
The Square from the Church Tower
Views 772
Hemyock from the north east
Views 715
Culmstock Beacon and Culm Davy from Conigar
Views 737
Culm Davy from above Owleycombe Common
Views 759
Looking south from near Culmstock Beacon
Views 686
Combe Hill from Ridgewood
Views 644
Hemyock from Ridgewood
Views 695
Culm Davy from the south west
Views 667
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