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Young Farmers Club

The Young Farmers Club (YFC) is an organisation that dates back to the 1920's (Hemyock was the birthplace of the YFC, starting as the Calf Club in 1921) and was started to give young people in the countryside a way of socialising with other young people in their areas. Today there are over 700 clubs in England and Wales, 37 of which are in Devon alone!

The main function of the clubs these days is exactly the same, but today YFC offers young people so much more than just a social life. By joining a Young Farmers Club you open the door to a world of opportunity where you can meet new people, learn skills, help the community, travel abroad, compete in many competitions from simple club vs club formats all the way up to national level, and of course the opportunity to have a great time doing it all!

The other key attribute of YFC is that the members of clubs are the ones who run them. Not only is this another opportunity to learn and to gain new experience which could prove handy on a CV, but it also means that clubs only do those things that they feel are fun and important.

When & Where?
We meet at Hemyock Parish Hall in the Forbes Lounge. Meetings are every 2nd and 4thMonday of the month, starting at 8pm.

Contact Us
For more information, contact Chairman Michael Veysey on 07850 147277 or Secretary Geogeena Pengelly on 07872 172266




Charity Work

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