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Storm Batters Hemyock

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Archived Stories Storm 'de-fences' were no good against the gale force winds which struck in Hemyock on Thursday.  Little was left of Janice Bawler's back fence after the storm had calmed at the end of the afternoon. The wind ripped out two panels, leaving a clear view through to her neighbour's garden. Janice, of South View, took pictures while inspecting the damage the freaky weather had done.

She said: "I was on my way out and thought I would just walk down the garden to see what damage had been done."

Now the fencing will have to be replaced.

Janice said: "It was only a couple of panels, so it's just a matter of getting some more from a DIY store."

"The expense is minimal, it's the inconvenience of it more than anything. It's nothing compared to what other people have suffered."