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St Mary’s Guild - Apr & May 07

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Archived Stories Members met as usual in the Church Rooms at 3pm on Wednesday, February 7th. There being very little business of the day, Christine introduced our speaker Brenda Calcraft, who entertained and enlightened us with her knowledge and practical demonstrations of patchwork. Brenda has been involved with her craft for over twenty years. The history of patchwork goes right back to the Romans, and was probably brought to Britain by the Crusaders. Patchwork has been in and out of fashion more or less ever since. Brenda had brought many samples of her work, cushion covers, dolls and children's quilts, a handbag, and a very detailed pattern and sample book which she had to produce for her course at Denman College. She ended by showing us a beautiful King sized duvet cover which she ad started twenty years ago and finished especially to show us today.

Tea and biscuits ended a very pleasant afternoon.

On Wednesday, March 7th members of St Mary's Guild met in the Church Rooms at 3pm. Christine Brown opened the meeting. There being very little business she quickly introduced the speaker for the afternoon, Mr Conrad Fielding, the 'Fish Man from Wellington'.

He kept us entertained, telling us of his passion for fish which even as a small boy when other children were drawn to peering into the sweet shops he was drawn to the local fishmongers. We learned a lot about the different types of fish, how to tell if it is fresh, where and why different fish come from different waters and many more useful tips, including some very interesting simple recipes. We all decided one way or another more fish had to be included in our diets.

Tea and biscuits completed a very entertaining and informative afternoon. The Rev Ron White will be our speaker next month.