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St Mary's Guild - June & July 07

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Archived Stories Our April meeting fell in Holy Week. The Rev. Ron White gave a presentation on the theme 'Easter in Image. Words and music'. A set of slides showing the Cross in various locations around the world was interspersed with poems and music which gave space for personal reflection. Refreshments were served to end a thought provoking afternoon. Due to illness, holidays and unforeseen circumstances our members were down for our May meeting. This did not detract from a very interesting and informative afternoon when we were entertained by the Chapter Canon of Exeter Cathedral Mrs Ann Barwood, whose main responsibility are the library and archives but is also involved in the general organisation of The Cathedral. Mrs Barwood told us
about 'A Day in the life of The Cathedral'. Exeter Cathedral (but not the building as we know today) is pre-Doomsday. Its records go back to 1050. The afternoon was ended with the usual tea and biscuits.