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Everyone Back To My Place

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Archived Stories In 2004 the Manchester Diocese chose the last Sunday in September as a special day, on which they invited back to church people who had lost their link with a church. Nearly 1000 people responded to the invitation, and the next year the idea spread to neighbouring dioceses. Last year the idea spread further and the first Devon parish took part. The name of "Back to Church Sunday" became the accepted title. This year nearly a third of the Exeter Diocese benefices will be joining in. The Upper Culm Valley Benefice (Hemyock, Clayhidon and Culmstock) will be one of these.

People lose touch with a church for all sorts of reasons; they move away and don't link into one in their new parish, family commitments of caring take precedence over the joys of worship, illness or hospitalisation curtail their attendance. Whatever the reason for the loss of contact, the fact remains that God loves every one of us and wants to welcome us back into His family. The parable of the Prodigal Son is as pertinent today as it was 2000 years ago.

So look out for more details nearer September 30th. The Benefice churches would be delighted to welcome you back to church at one of the services on that day.