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Hemyock Without Dedicated Police Presence

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Archived Stories After a short period of having a dedicated Beat Manager who showed real signs of getting to know the community and its inhabitants, Hemyock and the surrounding area is again without a police presence. In a written answer to a request for information from Hemyock Parish Council’s Deputy Chair Ian McCulloch, the Cullompton-based Team Leader Sgt Paul Kitcherside wrote that whilst they were seeking a replacement for PC Jim Purkiss, he “was not a position to put a timeframe on the plan”. 

Councillors meeting on Wednesday 6th Sept condemned the lack of urgency and whilst recognising that Hemyock does not have a huge crime problem, the lack of a recognisable police presence is already leading to an increase in very annoying anti-social behaviour from youngsters as well as a lack of a sense of wellbeing amongst local people, especially the elderly.  Councillor Steven Reed said “either the Force has the staff to man the position or it does not.  That is the question which needs answering”.