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On Police presence, the village going ECO, opening of the Longmead Pavilion and cheaper burials.
Lack of Police presence remains an Issue
Councillors remain disappointed about the lack of a clear resolution of the need for a replacement Beat Manager for the Hemyock area.  It seems that the only way to hasten the matter is for members of the public to make reports of even the smallest misdemeanours or acts of anti social behaviour. The telephone number to use for non-urgent reporting is 08452 777444 - ask for Cullompton Police Station.
Hemyock Is Eco Friendly
This month a programme will begin to change the bulbs in street lights around the village .  Each bulb will have reduced power usage but without the loss of their illuminating characteristics.  The bulbs will also have the effect of improving the night sky environment.
Pavilion to be Opened
In what is will be a key feature of the Longmead sports field development in Hemyock, the new sports pavilion will be opened on Sunday 4th November at 2pm .  The development, when completed, will be a shining example of partnership between Football Foundation, local sports clubs and the Parish Council said council Chairman Heather Stallard .
Cheaper Burials In Hemyock
Council Clerk Ann Kingston reported that the prices for burials and associated costs were around 50% less expensive than similar services provided by neighbouring Tiverton.  Whilst it was not the Council's view that a major price rise was due, there had not been a significant rise for some and time and this would be addressed in April 2008.