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Flooding in Hemyock

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Archived Stories The recent rains caused the River Culm to rise to levels not seen for 15 years, according to local residents.  Both the Culmbridge Road and Station Road were flooded enough to make driving them a risky business.  The water at Whitehall was level with the humps of the two small bridges there. 

On Station Road and Culmbridge Road, many cars turned back, some tried it and made it and some tried it and flooded their engines.   Local Good Samaritan Roy Brook said he had towed 4 vehicles out so far from the Culmbridge Road.  See the photos in Read More...
Here are some photos;

St Mary's Brook in torrent

The floodplain below Station Road doing its job

The reason there was a raised footbridge

Easy for some

Preparing to tow an unfortunate out of the floods at Culmbridge