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Erika Jordan's Story

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Archived Stories When keen reader Erika Jordan heard of a competition being run by the Fostering Network/Roald Dahl Story Writing Competition she couldn't wait to begin her entry. This week she heard that whilst she is not one of the main prize winner's her story had been selected for the reserve list and to her great delight she has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition and a signed copy of a book by well known children's author Jacqueline Wilson. To enter the competition children were given the opening paragraphs of a story begun by Wilson based on the popular Tracey Beaker books which they then had to develop. Erika, who was 8 years in late December found herself in competition with youngsters up to 12 years so was particularly thrilled to have done so well.

Erika, who is fostered by Janice and David Bawler had only read one Tracey Beaker story but her vivid imagination and love of reading clearly helped her do well in the competition. She has read all the Harry Potter books at least three times,many children's classics and enjoyed 'Eldest' and 'Eragon' a Sunday Times bestseller. Erika also takes great delight in delving into encyclopaedias At the moment as well as her school books Erika is also reading 'Little Women'. She has recently bought herself a book of poetry with authors ranging from Edward Lear, Ogden Nash and Lewis Carroll to Wilfred Owen, Wordsworth,Shakespeare and Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Erika said "I was really pleased to get the book and certificate. I often read three or four books at the same sort of time and I'd rather do this than anything else. I just love reading and learning about things and the worst thing in the world for me would not be able to read"