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Hemyock Seeks The Advantages

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Archived Stories The Boundary Committee for England is carrying out a structural review of Devon on behalf of national government. Such a review is examining whether one or more single, all-purpose councils, known as unitary authorities, should replace the existing two-tier system of county and district councils. If a single unitary authority was to be established, some of the existing district and county services may be transferred into the hands of Parish Councils such as Hemyock.

Hemyock Parish Council is seeking through local consultation, to establish what services it may best manage locally.  Some community issues & providers, e.g. planning decisions, social services, street & toilet cleaning, verge cutting, ditch clearing, could well be brought closer to those who use them or provided directly.  Consultation is being sought with local people and also adjoining Clayhidon and Culmstock parish councils.  There will be some advantages for Parish Councils in these changes and Hemyock seeks to gain those which will benefit its local community, said Vice Chair Ian McCulloch.
Although Parish boundaries are protected under this review, when new Unitary area proposals are published, forging links or partnerships with other parishes in the east of Devon may also be another option which makes economic sense.