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Archived Stories 1943 was a very special year for Ken and Audrey Salter as it was the year of their wedding. Now 65 years on we send them warmest congratulations and wish them many more happy years. Hemyock Scout Group was a credit to the village as they led the St George's Day parade for the Tiverton District Scout service at St Peter's Church in April. Rev David Sherwood, wearing his Hemyock Scout scarf, took the service and all eyes were glued to him as he performed one of his 'magic' tricks. Earlier in the service he had the entire congregation, including two Hemyock Brownies, standing up to play 'Simon Say's'. One hears so much bad news about children and young people it is a joy to be able to celebrate the good.

When the now named Cameo Club was formed in 1977 they met at the Methodist Chapel in High Street and members lunches were cooked at the St Ivel factory. As we all know the group eventually moved to its present home, the Church Room. One of the original volunteers was Phyl Kallaway and now after over 30 year's service she is moving onto other things. I am sure there are many families whose relatives have benefited from her cheerful manner and warm smile.

It will seem strange having St Mary's closed for a number of weeks as decoration of the interior takes place. Perhaps though, a fulfilling experience for the congregation to gather at the Church Room for Sunday services. An unusual venue as the two new Wardens, Tim Hannaford and Mary Beal, take on their role.

As always we send good wishes to those who are unwell or recovering from illness and we send condolences and love to the families of the late Michael Powell and Ann Richardson and all those who have recently lost a loved one.

For many of our young people it is the season of 'exam fever' and they remain in our thoughts as they face this challenging time.

June and July usually sees lots of events happening in the area with open gardens being one if the most popular. Our thanks to all those who work so hard to open their property for the enjoyment of others and the benefit of charities. The gardens are always a joy whatever the weather.

A warm welcome to all those new to the parish and if you are visiting the area we are delighted to share our beautiful countryside with you. We hope you will come and enjoy any activities that are happening during your stay.

A number of years ago the village enjoyed Community Weeks organised by the Carnival Committee and just before this issue of the Pump is published we shall have had the opportunity to have enjoyed a similar event organised by the Baptist Chapel.

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