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The Just 10p Project

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Archived Stories The aim of the Just 10p Project is to raise funds for educational projects in Uganda by inviting people to donate Just 10p. Many of you will know that Brian and Sheila Pretty make regular visits to the Kisoro region of Uganda to help with a variety of projects. The money raised from the Just 10p Project will be used specifically to help build and equip a Science Laboratory at the Sesame Girls School and help with other educational projects in the Kisoro region. There will be places around the village where you will be able to donate to this project and we are holding a Coffee Morning in the Forbes Lounge on Friday 3rd October where you will be able to bring your 10p pieces and place them on an outline map of Uganda.
If you, your organisation or business would like to get involved, or you would like to have more details about the Just 10p Project, please contact me.

Patricia Fuller
01823 680436