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From Ray Radford, Your County Councillor

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Archived Stories It's that time of year again, Christmas, it is a nice time of year, but they come around too quickly.  First I should thank all those who turned out and helped with the Big Litter Pick, across the whole District there where 28 Parishes that took part during the Autumn, increasing every year, out of 48 Parishes. What is noticeable is that not so much rubbish is being picked up, I think that the majority of our Community is being more careful in dropping rubbish. Unfortunately, there is a few that are not so careful, thanks must go to all those who do clear up behind the more careless. We will have another clear up in the Spring. In February we will hear the out come of the Local Government reorganisation.  Big might be beautiful, (with a £1.5billion budget), the biggest in the Country, but most of the rural Parishes have reservations about the 28 plus Community Boards and what say the Parishes will have on them.

One of the criteria was that the transitional cost, estimated at £28m has to be recovered within 5 years, the anticipated pay back is 3years 8 months.

All other Unitarians have never met the pay back period. Indeed, the nearest and latest, being Cornwall with a transitional cost of £19m is already up to £58m with another six months of the 12 months to run. Reminds me a bit like the Millennium Dome and the Olympic Village, how do they get it so wrong! I just wonder with this, the credit crunch, etc, whether the Government might put it on hold for a

MDDC are 23rd best performing waste collection Authority in the Country out of 273, achieving 48.89% recycling, national target is 30%, at a cost of £55.14 per Household. South Hams District Council is 2nd in the Country, but with a cost of £65.83 per Household, we could be top, but it would be at an unacceptable cost.

Christmas is just around the corner, I hope you all have a very good one and that the new year will be happy and healthy. Come rain or shine, please give me a call if I can be of any help, that's what I am here for.

All the best
Ray Radford
01884 820000