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Archived Stories It always amazes me the number of different Good causes/charities that are supported in Hemyock. If it were possible to keep track of all of them and add up the total money sent we might all get big headed or complacent so perhaps the Bible has it right that we should not let our right hand know what the left is doing, it also says that we will always have the poor with us. That said I thought it right that I should say Thank YOU to everyone who gives towards our Link Mission Partner Rev Jenny Green £855.00 in 2008 and the ongoing work at the Potters Village in Kisoro, SW Uganda. £592.00 in 2008.

Money is raised by donations for coffees and teas after Services at St Mary's, by personal donations, Lent Lunches, Coffee mornings and donations instead of sending local Christmas cards. The PCC also sponsors a child at the Potters Village £180.00 per year.

With grateful thanks
Meg Palmer
St Mary's Mission Secretary